Experience Europe Through Our Expanded Selection of Italian Souvenirs

Today, World Wide Gifts is expanding its line of souvenirs from Italy through the release of fifty six new items. Of these, forty nine are attractive acrylic fridge magnets featuring buildings and landscapes from across Italy; the remaining seven include one attractive souvenir plate containing a map of Italy (a perfect conversation-starter in your Italian kitchen) and six Venetian-style carnival masks. Another good starter souvenir for the all-around fan of Italy is our resin fridge magnet featuring the country's most popular attractions.

Our magnets are made of durable acrylic or resin and have full-color photographic quality images in them. This style and level of quality is typical of our wide selection of souvenirs from not only Italy, but across the globe. Those who seek other destinations or types of Italian fridge magnets or other souvenirs should visit our "souvenirs from Italy" page to view our broader line of products.

Highlights of the New Collection- From the Alps to the Mediterranean Coast

Some of the world's most beautiful landscapes can be found in rural Italy and this collection can help you capture some of that beauty and bring it into your everyday routine. Highlights from the collection include Castle Hocheppan in the South Tyrol Alps, near the Austrian border and the incredible villages of Cinque Terre national park in Liguria. Cinque Terre, literally "five lands," is a collection of five villages clinging to the cliffsides overlooking the Mediterranean. For generations, locals built elaborate terraces on these cliffs where they still grow crops, visitors can enjoy the landscapes by hiking on cliffside trails amongst the vineyards or taking a train that ducks in and out of tunnels, giving incredible views of the sea.

However, the countryside has to share this collection with some spectacular images from Italy's ancient cities. A perennial favorite sight is the gondola boats on the watery canal-streets of Venice: we have several Venetian magnets including a beautiful view of the Grand Canal. Also featured from northern Italy is the cathedral of the city of Milan, the high fashion capital of the world. We also have a number of souvenir magnets from lesser known Italian cities, such as Monza. From Monza we are now offering three magnets: the the diocesan cathedral, Monza Park and the city hall.

New Souvenir Magnets from Rome, the Eternal City


Further south, few visitors miss Rome, the "Eternal City," which was the capital of first the Roman Republic and then Empire and then the seat of the Catholic Church for centuries before once again becoming the capital of a united Italy (as well as housing the Pope's headquarters in the Vatican City). A visit to today's Rome can give the visitor a true sense of the sweep of history: dodging espresso-charged scooters and taxis while passing a medieval church on one's way to an ancient ruin. Its enough to make you want to stop, have a gelato (a type of rich Italian ice cream) and perhaps relax a bit by souvenir shopping.

Our expanded collection helps the Romaphile with a wider list of Roman images including the Colosseo (Colosseum), where the ancient Roman gladiators fought for their lives, and the Font dei Trevi, a famous neoclassical fountain. Legend says that anyone who throws a coin into Trevi will return to Rome. There is also a lovely view of the Spain Square, with its famous steps.

Beautiful Scenes From the Italian Islands

For many visitors to Italy, it is the Italian islands rather than the great cities of the mainland that capture their heart. Italy's two largest islands are Sicily (located to the southwest of the peninsula) and Sardinia (located to the west in the Mediterranean); while these islands have been part of Italy for generations, they still retain their own, long cultural traditions and, in the case of Sardinia, a unique language. We have five new magnets available from Sicily including a stunning view of the rocks off the coastline and another of the inland Valle dei Templi or "Valley of Temples." From Sardinia we have a lovely magnet depicting Cagliari, the island's capital city, and another of the beautiful vistas from Tharros. Today Italy's islands are becoming increasingly popular destinations for cruise ships, but these gems deserve a deeper look and are worth a visit all on their own.

Venetian Carnival Masks Bring the World's Most Romantic Party to Your Home

While many cities in the world have a carnival celebrating the end of the Catholic holy season of Lent, there are none that have the mystery, romance and ambiance of the Carnival of Venice. One of the key elements separating Venice's carnival from those of other cities is the widespread use of distinctive masks hiding the wearer's identity. The elegant anonymity of the Venetian carnival has long attracted visitors from far beyond Venice.

Today, World Wide Gifts is proud to announce that it is releasing a line of Venetian carnival-themed souvenirs. These include both souvenir magnets shaped like masks and masks themselves - perfect for hosting your own carnival. The magnets come in six colors: blue, dark magenta, green, magenta, pink and red and are a perfect addition to your kitchen - adding just a touch of the exotic. The masks are half-masks, meaning that they only cover the upper half of the wearer's face, leaving the mouth and jaw exposed for eating, talking, drinking and, perhaps, kissing. They come in six colors: black, blue, dark blue, green, red and white.