An Attractive Range of Fridge Magnets Representing The Island Country Of Cuba

Set in the Caribbean, Cuba is the largest of the islands in this sea, and has approximately eleven million inhabitants. Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1492. At the time it was inhabited by the Taino, a Native American people. Columbus claimed the island for Spain and it remained under Spanish rule until 1898 when Spain relinquished all claim to sovereignty of the island under the Treaty of Paris. Today it is an independent country with the capital city of Havana. Our range of fridge magnets represents the varied culture and geography of Cuba.

Acrylic And Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting The Cuban Capital Of Havana

The city of Havana is the largest Cuban city by population and area, as well as being the capital. It was founded by the Spanish who used the island as a stopping off point in their conquest of the continent. Havana is an historic city with a myriad of attractive buildings and monuments. In 1982 UNESCO declared the historic centre a World Heritage Site. Old Havana is where traditionally industry, commerce and entertainment were centred. A newer area, centred around Vedado, is now vying for superiority in these areas. The third area of Havana is the more affluent suburbs. It is here that the mansions, embassies and high class shops of Miramar exist. Not just occupied by approximately 2.1 million full time inhabitants, Havana also plays temporary home to over one million tourists annually, no doubt attracted by the architecture and the tropical climate. Our acrylic and vinyl fridge magnets are the perfect memento of such a diverse and cultural city.

Acrylic And Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting Life In Cuba

Cuba is an Island country which consists of the island of Cuba itself and the Isla de la Juventud as well as several archipelagos. To get around the people often use ‘classic' cars. The main reason for this was that after the 1959 revolution there was an embargo on American cars and car parts and since then none have been available to purchase in the country. Some of the cars of Cuba can be seen on our fridge magnets as well as some of the buildings. Our range of fridge magnets also includes those depicting Pinar del Río Province. This province lies at the western end of the island of Cuba and is a popular tourist destination. The Viñales Valley is a picturesque area popular with hikers and rock climbers; scuba diving is also available in the region.

Acrylic And Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting Trinidad In Cuba

Founded on 23 December 1514, by wealthy Basque landowner Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, Trinidad retains a lot of traditional architecture, especially in the tourist area. The small town is famous for its pastel coloured homes and cobbled streets. These days the town's main industry is tobacco processing but it does recognise the value of tourists who can explore the whole town, on foot or by horse drawn carriage, in just a few hours. Our fridge magnets portray this traditional Cuban town.