Brand New T-Shirts from Canada!

We are pleased to announce a brand new line of souvenir T-shirts from Canada! Read on to learn about T-shirt collecting, traveling in Canada, and our fashionable new collection.

Travelling and T-Shirt Collecting: Two Hobbies, Made for Each Other

Collecting souvenir T-shirts is the perfect hobby for the avid traveler. T-shirts are widely available, and range from inexpensive, basic tees to high fashion apparel. T-shirts are easy to transport, which makes them the perfect option for someone who doesn't want to be weighed down by heavy knick-knacks. Finally, T-shirts are useful! They can form a staple of your wardrobe, proudly announcing to the world that you are not only stylish, but well-traveled, too!

T-Shirts from Canada

Canada is a four-seasons destination that offers a vivid mix of pristine natural landmarks and cosmopolitan cities. From the peaks of the Rockies to the wilds of the far north to the beautiful seascapes of the Atlantic coasts, Canada boasts an array of landscapes and nature destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary are some of Canada's most famous cities, each with its own stories to tell. Sample award-winning wine in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia or learn about the Canada's First Nations, the country's indigenous peoples, in Aboriginal settlements where locals are eager to share their culture with tourists. Buy local handcrafts and historical art. Soak up the sunshine in the Muskoka Lakes region, a favorite destination of both nature-loving locals and international celebrities, and collect some maritime souvenirs in the Atlantic Provinces. On the Prairies, you can go on wildlife tours and buy souvenirs that commemorate the region's diverse natural treasures. Visit the Canadian Arctic, and enjoy a dog sledding expedition or a polar bear sighting. Canada is a place you will never forget – but you can help keep your memories alive with beautiful keepsakes including our fashionable new T-shirt collection.

T-Shirts as Gifts

As you travel around Canada finding new T-Shirts for your collection, you might also consider buying them as gifts for friends and family. Everyone loves a comfy tee, and due to T-Shirts' typically loose fit, you don't have to worry too much about precise sizing. They make especially welcome gifts because they are unique, and will remind the wearer of you. Especially well-loved T-Shirts may have to be replaced eventually, so be sure to keep your friends in mind on your next trip to Canada as well!

Canadian Flag T-Shirt

This stylish tee is fashionably simple. It displays Canada's iconic national flag. Printed in vivid red and white, the national colors of Canada, the flag depicts a single maple leaf bordered by bold red strips. No matter what part of Canada you've visited, this T-shirt is sure to capture your enthusiasm for your trip. Even if you haven't had the chance to go to Canada yet, this attractive shirt will proclaim your interest in Canadian culture. Our flag tee also makes a great gift for Canadian history and culture buffs. Some people might collect a flag T-shirt from every country, in which case this item is a true essential!

Montreal T-Shirt

This colorful T-shirt is a great way to commemorate your trip to Montreal, the epicenter of French-speaking Canada. Famous sights depicted on this stylish keepsake include St. Joseph's Oratory, the largest church in Canada; Notre-Dame Cathedral, famous for its stained-glass windows; and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, one of the city's many premier art galleries. The Olympic Stadium, which boasts the world's highest inclined tower, is also portrayed in vivid detail. Even more Montreal landmarks adorn this collectible tee, including the city's iconic geographic feature, Mont Royal, and the biosphere, an incredible indoor ecosystem built for the World Expo in 1967. A train represents Quebec's famous railways. Buy this T-shirt to commemorate your trip to Montreal, or use it as a guide to plan for a future trip!

Toronto T-Shirt

Remember your trip to Toronto, Canada's largest city, with this stylish tee. Front and center are the Toronto Islands, a four-season wonderland and one of Canada's largest urban parks. This car-free setting boasts fishing, boating, cycling, and swimming opportunities galore. The CN Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, rises proudly on the front of the shirt, next to Casa Loma, Toronto's real-life castle. The unmistakable glass architecture of the Royal Ontario Museum is depicted in lifelike detail. Finally, the iconic glass arches of the Eaton Centre, a premier shopping destination, add a refined architectural flourish. Enjoy this T-shirt as a treasured souvenir or a promise of a trip to come!

Calgary T-Shirt

Commemorate Calgary with this beautiful shirt! An enormous speeding roller coaster represents Calaway Park, Western Canada's largest amusement park. The Calgary Tower rises beside it, celebrating the third largest structure in Calgary and a central feature of the city's skyline. A picture of a ski hill will remind you of the incredible skiing destinations around Calgary in the Canadian Rockies, some of the highest peaks in the world! To commemorate Calgary's “Wild West” roots, a vintage streetscape is illustrated in colorful detail. A hockey player in the uniform of Calgary's team, the Flames, celebrates Canada's favorite sport. Finally, wide swathes of green represent Calgary's natural beauty and lush parkland. Visit Calgary, and remember your adventure forever with this stylish T-shirt!

Vancouver T-Shirt

This gorgeous T-shirt depicts Vancouver, British Columbian, the gem of Canada's west coast. Stanley Park and Chinatown are both pictured, representing the city's natural beauty and cultural diversity. A leaping whale reminds visitors of the incredible experiences they had on Vancouver's coast, while towering evergreens recall the beautiful environment. No visit to Vancouver is complete without some souvenir shopping, and this T-shirt is just what curious travelers and their friends at home are looking for!