Spanish Kitchen Magnets That Would Look Great on Your Refrigerator and Remind You of the Flavors of Spain

Whether or not you ever cook up a Valencian paella, taste a La Rioja wine or try any other Spanish dish, these Spanish fridge magnets will bring an Iberian flavor into your kitchen. The flavor tour begins in the heart of Spain, the capital city of Madrid where visitors can pick up the famous Christmas nougat "turron." We then stop in the highlands above Madrid to the city of Segovia, where visitors can sit in the plaza beneath the Roman aqueduct and enjoy authentic Spanish tapas. Moving to the warm south, we have magnets from the Moorish city of Granada, named for the pomegranates that grow at the feet of the Alhambra Palace, and nearby Seville where the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold) welcomed fleets from the New World bearing gold and foods from Mexico and Peru. Finally, we travel out along the path of those galleons to the Canary Islands, famous for its starkly beautiful landscapes (seen in our magnets) and mojo- a spicy garlic sauce that blends the flavors of the Old and New Worlds. With World Wide Gifts' new line, you can bring Spain into your kitchen.

Some of the Finest Works of Barcelonan Architect Antoni Gaudí are Featured in These Magnets

Barcelona, on Spain's northeastern coast, is a city with a rich architectural heritage that spans centuries, but there is one architect that stands out amongst the crowd: Antoni Gaudí. Working in the early Twentieth Century in the Modernisme Style, Gaudí's sinuous, seemingly-living buildings still take the breath away from visitors. This collection features a number of magnets depicting Gaudí's most famous buildings. These include the stately Palau (Palace) Guell, and landscaped gardens of Parc Guell, and two views of the stunning Casa Mila. However, Gaudí's greatest triumph also appears here in two images of the Sagrada Familia church, a magnum opus which the people of Barcelona continue to build to this day. Through our collection, you can enjoy the beauty of Gaudí's genius anywhere in the world.