An Assortment Of Fridge Magnets Featuring The Country Of France

As the number one tourist destination in the world France is a beautiful, diverse, exciting, and cultural country to visit. Obviously visitors are attracted to the capital city Paris, but they are also attracted to other major cities such as Strasbourg, Bordeaux, and Lyon. The beautiful beaches and exhilarating ski resorts in various parts of the country also attract people, as do the green fields, quaint villages, and wine growing estates of the countryside. One attraction which has added to the visitor numbers is Disneyland Paris which attracted over fifteen million visitors in 2009. The resort contains several rides including the family orientated ‘It's A Small World', and rollercoasters such as ‘Space Mountain: Mission 2'. Visitors can stay at the resort in themed hotels such as Disney's Hotel New York and Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch. There are also many restaurants, bars and shops on site. Disneyland Paris is located in Marne-la-Vallée which is twenty miles from the centre of Paris. It is therefore relatively simple for visitors to sample the colour, beauty, and vibrancy of Paris and the magic of Disneyland Paris all in one trip. The magic of Paris as a whole is captured on our range of attractive resin fridge magnets.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The French island Of Corsica

Our range of attractive resin fridge magnets includes a selection paying homage to the customs, food, and beauty of the French island of Corsica. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica has a tranquil beauty that attracts visitors to its shores. Historically it is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, once Emperor of France. Napoleon was born in Ajaccio and his ancestral home Casa Buonaparte is now a museum. His birthday is celebrated in the city on 15 August each year. But Ajaccio is worth a visit at any time of year. It is Corsica's largest city and is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches less than half an hour away from the city centre. If beaches are what you are traveling for though Porto-Vecchio has pure white sands and turquoise waters which can be busy but have yet to be ruined by the tourist trade. Our magnets depict the food of Corsica and in Porto-Vecchio this consists mostly of delicious seafood. For something a little more energetic there is plenty of biking, hiking, and rafting available around the harbour town of Bonifacio, from where tourists can also visit prehistoric Araguina-Sennola caves and take a train through the mountains to the beach. For sustenance whilst visiting Corsica tourists can try the famous wild boar which is listed as sanglier on menus. They may also like to taste one of the delicious Corsican wines, some of which are hardly known away from the island. Eating out in Corsica is a lively, family affair.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The French Region Of Alsace

The Alsace region of France is located on its Eastern border, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. The traditional language of the region is Alsatian although almost all the inhabitants speak French. The people still remember their roots though; in 2012 forty three per cent of adults said that they could speak Alsatian. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region; a grand and historic city it is the official home of the European Parliament. The historic centre of the city was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1988 and is popular with tourists. For the festive season Strasbourg plays host to the oldest Christmas market in France which first took place in 1570. Some of the food which we feature on our fridge magnets from Alsace can be tasted at this market. Visitors can also purchase Christmas ornaments and gifts and maybe relax with a mulled wine. Strasbourg is by no means the only place to visit in Alsace. The beautiful village of Eguisheim would not look out of place pictured on a chocolate box with its concentric circles of houses. Larger in size is the city of Colmar which features the Bartholdi Museum paying homage to the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty who was born in the city. Tourists can also visit the picturesque Little Venice with its quaint canals.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The French City Of Paris

Visitors to Paris are never short of something to do. Our range of attractive resin fridge magnets pictures some of the tourist attractions such as the Eifel tower and the Moulin Rouge. Whilst visiting Paris it is worth taking a trip to the astounding Palace of Versailles. This is opulence to the maximum. From the huge and perfectly manicured gardens to the Palace itself with room upon room of lavish decoration there is plenty to keep tourists entertained. It was of course the French King Louis XIV who first entertained at Versailles having moved his court from Paris to what was previously a village area. Today visitors can still see the grandeur of the King's life, especially evident in the central gallery The Hall of Mirrors where a total of three hundred and fifty seven mirrors were used in the decoration. Outside of the palace, during the summer months, there are daily musical waterfall displays to entertain. After a day at Versailles visitors can take a boat trip along the Seine River in Paris itself. From here sights can be seen from a different perspective. As the boat glides along the water views such as The Louvre, Concorde Square, Notre Dame, and the Pont-Neuf (new bridge) come into view. After a tiring day sightseeing visitors can relax in one of the many restaurants and bars for which the beautiful city of Paris is rightfully famous.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The French Regions Of Provence And Brittany

Provence and Brittany are two historic regions of France; both are popular tourist destinations. Provence is situated in south eastern France and its vineyards and lavender fields inspired some of the great artists such as Cezanne and Van Gogh. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the region is the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) in Avignon. This building is one of the largest and most important of the medieval era, in Europe. Six Papal conclaves took place here leading to the elections of Benedict XII, Clement VI, Innocent VI, Urban V, Gregory XI, and Antipope Benedict XIII. Today the palace is a tourist attraction and is regularly in the top ten of France's most visited places. It also houses a convention centre and is regularly used to hold exhibitions. Brittany is France's most north western province and boasts seven hundred and fifty miles of rugged coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most beautiful places to visit in the region is the island of Gavrinis which is situated in the Gulf of Morbihan. It is famous for housing the Gavrinis Tomb, a megalithic monument. One of the sights that are featured on our resin fridge magnets from the Provence and Brittany regions is the city of Saint-Malo. This attractive walled sea port was once home to the feared corsairs or pirates and during the Second World War it suffered much destruction. But after being lovingly restored it is now a popular destination for tourists.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The French Cities Of Lyon And Nice

Lyon is the third largest city in France and the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region. Founded by the Romans in 43BC it is an historic city. Another important part of its history came in 1895 when the Lumière brothers invented cinema in the city. Auguste and Louis Lumière were the first to record and project moving pictures. These first pictures were of workers leaving the Lumière factory. Today Lyon is a popular tourist destination thanks to its reputation as a historical centre with excellent gastronomy and a vibrant social scene. One of the most popular events with visitors is the Festival of Lights which takes place over four days around 8 December each year. Originally a traditional religious festival it has grown to include internationally produced light displays. Nice is a large city on the French Riviera, popular with tourists of all ages. The views over the waterfront, the Promenade des Anglais, are magnificent. Nice is not necessarily a place for sunbathing as its beaches consist of large flat stones, but it is a place of beauty. Whilst in the city tourists can visit museums featuring two of France's famous artists Chagall and Matisse, the former featuring an array of stained glass windows, and the latter a selection of drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The diverse and interesting cities of Lyon and Nice are featured on our attractive resin fridge magnets.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting Geographical Regions Of France

The Basque Region of France is part of an overall Basque Country which crosses the border into Spain. Although this area is home to the Basque people, their language, and their culture not everyone living in the area is Basque or associates with the Basque identity. There are approximately three million people living in the Basque region which makes its population density higher than average for France and Spain but the majority of the population is centred on the major cities with the highest population being in the Spanish city of Bilbao. The Basque territory in France has a relatively low population density. Although they identify with their Basque heritage the main languages spoken by the Basque people are Spanish and French. The cooking of the Basque Country relies heavily on certain foodstuffs such as Jambon de Bayonne (cured ham), peppers, sausage, beans, asparagus, and cherries. Pinxto are popular in Basque country; these are small snacks eaten in bars and restaurants. The Basque Region features on our collection of resin fridge magnets, as does Mont Saint Michel a UNESCO World Heritage Site which stands on an island off the coast of Lower Normandy. It' most famous sight is the Norman Benedictine Abbey of Saint Michel.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The Principality of Monaco

Monaco is actually a principality in its own right but relies on France for defence purposes. It is the second smallest, and most densely populated, independent state in the world. With no natural resources to use Monaco relies almost entirely on tourism and its popularity as a tax haven. The best way for tourists to get around is on foot although buses are available. Some parts of Monaco are steep and there are seven public escalators and elevators to help people negotiate these areas. There are plenty of sights to see and things to do in Monaco. Monaco Cathedral was built is 1875 and houses the remains of the former Princes of Monaco and those of Princess Grace possibly the most famous ever resident of Monaco. The Princess was the movie star who married a prince and seemed to have a perfect life. But the life itself was not without its troubles and her early death in 1982 was tragic. You cannot mention Monaco without mentioning Monte Carlo with its famous Grand Casino. The casino has an entrance fee even if you do not wish to gamble, and a very strict dress code. There are two other casinos in Monte Carlo neither of which charges an entrance fee and both of which have a more casual dress code. A selection of our attractive resin fridge magnets features the very beautiful Monaco.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The Regions And Cities Of France

The large port city of Marseilles is a popular tourist destination. One of the many sights to see is the famous Castle of If. It was here that Edmond Dantes, the hero of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, was imprisoned. The castle was built in 1524 by Francois I any many opponents of Royal power were imprisoned, and died in, this feared edifice over the years. The castle is now open to the public and makes for an interesting, if slightly eerie, visitor experience. Also in Marseilles is the Stade Vélodrome, the home of Olympique de Marseille, or simply Marseilles, football club. It played host to some of the matches of the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Originally the stadium also hosted cycle races, hence the name. The stadium is currently undergoing refurbishment in preparation for UEFA Euro 2016. After the work is completed it will have a capacity of sixty seven thousand. Maseilles is featured on our selection of attractive resin fridge magnets as is Cannes. Familiar the world over for its film festival, Cannes is a beautiful place to visit at any time. It has a selection of top class restaurants; the world famous Auguste Escoffier opened his first restuarant, Le Faisan Dore, there in 1882 and the number of high class restaurants has continued to grow since then. If visitors are not in the mood for a big meal they may just like a snack. In the middle of summer what better snack to eat than ice cream. There are several ice cream kiosks on the beach but artisan ice cream makers such as Ile de la Glace offer such unusual flavours as Frizzantino, a sweet Italian wine.

Attractive Resin Fridge Magnets Depicting The Lifestyle Of France

Food forms an important part of the French lifestyle and features on several of our attractive resin fridge magnets. Cheese is a main foodstuff in France and the French are very proud of their reputation as excellent producers. One traditional French/Swiss/Italian dish is the fondue. The first recipe for the modern style of fondue was actually produced in Switzerland in 1875. Fondue is made in a caquelon which is rubbed with garlic to prepare it for the cooking. White wine and cheese are then added to the pot, often accompanied by kirsch. Corn starch is added to prevent separation and the mixture is stirred until thoroughly heated. When the fondue is ready, those dining dip bread, on the end of fondue forks, into the dish. Another staple French food is the croissant which has become familiar the world over. This buttery, flaky, pastry is most often eaten for Breakfast. This well -known crescent shaped food is now often regarded as a fast food item since the late 1970s when pre-formed frozen dough became available making it possible for unskilled people to make croissants.