World Wide Gifts is Pleased to Announce a New Collection of Fridge Magnets From the USA

This new line of durable metal fridge magnets feature iconic images from across the United States' Pacific coast. If you're looking for distinct souvenirs from Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas or San Francisco, this is the place to start.

American Fridge Magnets are Perfect Gifts or Mementos of Your Journeys

Travelers and collectors looking for souvenirs from the USA need to look no further than our "American Fridge Magnets" collection. Featuring major Pacific cities - L.A., San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas - these magnets capture the free-wheeling spirit of America's youngest region and the entertainment capital of the world.

"Hollywood" California License Plate Metal Fridge Magnet

This metal fridge magnet depicts a California state license place with the name "Hollywood." It features the famous sunshine, gorgeous beaches, hills (such as the one that has the Hollywood sign), and palm trees that Los Angeles is known for.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Metal Fridge Magnet/Bottle Opener. Los Angeles, California

A premier Hollywood attraction is the "Walk of Fame," where prominent film personalities are awarded commemorative stars on the pavement. Located along fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, it receives ten million visitors annually, and commemorates roughly 2,500 names. It runs along Grauman's Chinese Theater, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum and has great views of the Hollywood Sign.

Alcatraz Island ("The Rock") Metal Fridge Magnet/Bottle Opener

This copper fridge magnet/bottle opener depicts an escaping prison from San Francisco's famous Alcatraz Island prison, also known as the "Rock." Today a national monument and a popular tourist destination, the island was once a notorious prison.

San Francisco Cable Car Fridge Magnet and Bottle Opener

This combination fridge magnet and bottle opener has the shape of an iconic San Francisco cable car. The cable cars were originally erected in 1873 and are still manually operated by a crew of two: a gripman who maintains a break or "grip" that grasps a subterranean moving cable and a conductor who collects fares, assists passengers and managing the rear brakes on the frequent hills. The cars are also famous for their bells and there is a yearly bell-ringing contest.

San Francisco Cable Car Dark Nickel Fridge Magnet

A perennial favorite sight in San Francisco are the city's cable cars, the last functioning system of its kind in the world and the world's only mobile national monument. The cable cars climb the city's steep hills and offer visitors great views of the San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island; they also appear as iconic images of the city in souvenirs, advertisements (such as for Rice A Roni, billed "the San Francisco Treat") and films set in the city.

Metal Fridge Magnet: United States. California. San Francisco. Golden Gate (Mini Bronze Magnet)

San Francisco is built around the Bay of the same name. This peaceful body of water opens out into the Pacific Ocean at the Golden Gate and is spanned by a bridge of the same name. Considered to be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, it's sweeping elegance is captured in this mini-bronze fridge magnet, a perfect addition to your collection.

Bronze 3D Fridge Magnet of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. California (USA)

This magnet goes a step further than the traditional depiction of a famous building: it is a three dimensional reproduction of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. This structure, finished in 1937 and has survived decades of storms, earthquakes and the constant salt spray, remaining as sound and elegant as the day it was constructed. Visitors enjoy photographing the structure from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area at the Bridge's feet.

Metal Fridge Magnet: San Francisco's (California) Elegant Victorian Houses

San Francisco, the City on the Bay, enjoyed its first great boom in the Victorian Period and as the city grew, its residents constructed whole neighborhoods of elegant wooden buildings in the style of the time. Today, these houses - like the ones depicted in this lovely metal fridge magnet - still stand, often painted in bright, cheerful colors, and have become icons of the city.

$1,000,000 Dollar Poker Chip From Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

This glossy metal fridge magnet depicts the dream that drives the Las Vegas economy: the chance to win it big and return home a millionaire. Poker chips like this are used in the city as representations of currency which allow dealers to easily count bets and add to the gaming spirit. It was inevitable that they have become emblems of the city itself and now you can bring one home with you.

Pin-Up Girl Metal Fridge Magnet From Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Las Vegas is known around the globe as "Sin City," as it has long drawn in visitors from around the nation and (increasingly) the world for its relatively lax laws regarding gambling, marriage and divorce, and liquor. That has meant that pin-up girls like the one depicted in this metal fridge magnet and bottle opener have long been icons for the city.

Metal Fridge Magnet: United States. Nevada. Las Vegas License Plate

The iconic city of Las Vegas is a destination in itself, but many visitors desire to extend their trips beyond the city into surrounding Nevada (the "Silver State"). One of the big draws for travelers is to enjoy the gorgeous mountains featured on this fridge magnet: places for skiing, hiking and simply enjoying the incredible views. Popular destinations close to Las Vegas itself are the incredible Hoover Dam and the stunning - and incredibly arid - landscapes of Death Valley National Park.

Welcome to Las Vegas, Bronze Fridge Magnet and Bottle Opener. Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

This item is a combination fridge magnet and bottle opener designed to look like the classic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. This was an early example of neon lighting in a city now famous for its nighttime extravaganzas of color, light and sound. Called the "City of Sin," Las Vegas has long been famous for gambling, nightlife and lax marriage laws, but today it is increasingly a family-friendly destination with live shows (especially stand-up comedy, magic and circuses), infamous all you can eat buffets and world-class shopping.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, Metal Fridge Magnet. Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

This metal fridge magnet features an icon of old Las Vegas: the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. Erected in 1959, this is a classic design from a city where everything seems to be new, showing us that while so much changes the spirit of Las Vegas remains the same. The Welcome Sign still stands where it was first erected at southern edge of the Las Vegas Strip, home to some of the world's greatest casinos, including Caesar's Palace, the Flamingo, the MGM Grand, the Luxor and the Venetian Resort.

Embossed Oval Metal Fridge Magnet From Seattle, Washington (USA)

Located on the shores of the Puget Sound, overlooked by the Cascade Mountains in the east and the Olympic range in the west, Seattle is a city blessed with incredible natural beauty which it has complemented with a lovely cityscape. The iconic Space Needle dominates the cityscape and is also featured (along with the Sound and the peaks) on this durable metal fridge magnet. This is the perfect keepsake from your trip to America's great northwestern city.

Seattle Electric Guitar Metal Fridge Magnet and Bottle Opener. Seattle, Washington (USA)

This metal fridge magnet and bottle opener is in the shape of an electric guitar with the city scape (including the iconic Space Needle) and the line "Rocks" on it. Many visitors to Seattle today are drawn by its rich rock and roll history. Particularly in the early 1990s, the city was the home of the "Grunge" Movement that swept the nation with local bands like: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Melvins, and, of course, Nirvana.

"Sleepless in Seattle" Metal Fridge Magnet and Bottle Opener. Seattle, Washington (USA)

Fans of the 1999 romantic hit film Sleepless in Seattle as well as visitors to the great northwest city will enjoy this metal fridge magnet and bottle opener. The film, featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, is a perfect accompaniment or preparation for a visit to the City of Flowers. This magnet, as well having the film's logo, also contains a stylized Seattle cityscape, featuring the Space Needle. This tower is an icon of the city and a "must see" for all visitors to the city. This magnet also contains a bottle opener, meaning it can be a useful, not just stylish, addition to your kitchen.

Poker Chip Fridge Magnets in Various Colors and Denominations. Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Las Vegas is famous around the world as the Gambling Capital of America and these fridge magnets depict the ultimate gaming souvenir: the iconic casino chip. Our collection of chips includes a number of colors and denominations: $25 (green), $100 (black), $500 (pink), $1,000 (blue), $5,000 (red,) and $1,000,000 (gold). Buy one as a memento or the full collection for yourself or the gaming fan in your life. Perhaps you'll never win a million at blackjack, but now you can at least enjoy the chip and imagine your dream Las Vegas vacation.