Traveling is a fun and exciting hobby. With travel, you can have adventures all around the world and experience different cultures and climates. Souvenirs are a big part of the fun of traveling, too! You get to shop for the perfect object to represent your trip and take home something to help you remember all the fun times you had. Many types of souvenirs are collectible items, so that you can get the same type of souvenir in each destination and have a wonderful display for your home. Fridge magnets are a classic example of this! Many people collect fridge magnets even outside of travelling, but tourist fridge magnets are among the most popular type to collect. They also make great simple gifts, with their affordable prices and easy-to-carry size. Our magnets are made of the highest quality resin and beautifully detailed to perfectly recall your destination. You can look through our catalogue to see the following countries' fridge magnets as new additions to your collection.

European Countries' Fridge Magnets

Europe is a continent of tradition and history. Centuries of trade, conflict, and cultural diversity have gone into determining the current borders of Europe's many countries. A trip there is seen as dramatic, cultured, and romantic! Europe has a huge variety of extremely different cultures within a relatively small area, making it easy to extend a trip to one European country into a tour of several, so don't stop at just one European vacation destination. You can experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of many different places within only a few days travel. Read on to see if we have new magnets in any of the European countries you have visited or hope to visit one day, or visit our catalogue for even more countries and souvenirs.


Belgium is a complex and multicultural country. Several different countries have owned the land that currently makes up Belgium at one point or another in history. Because of this, Belgium is one of the few countries to have three official languages- Dutch, French, and German. It is also the reason Belgium has so much to offer! Belgium draws on many different traditions to create art, architecture, and cuisine that is unique and wonderful. Check out our Belgium section to learn more about its culture and our new souvenirs!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a wonderful place to visit, especially for any art lover. The country not only has some amazing architecture in the form of castles, cathedrals, and clock towers, but also has a longstanding tradition of beautiful art and music. Some very famous composers and artists, such as Antonin Dvorak and Alphonse Mucha, were Czech! Our worldwide souvenirs can help you retain all your fond memories of your trip to the Czech Republic.


Denmark is a modern country that is still full of charm and whimsy. Although it is well known for its socially progressive policies and for its major contributions to astronomy and physics, it is equally well known for its unique architectural styles and for the folktales of Hans Christian Anderson. Find something for everyone in Denmark and in our Denmark souvenir section!


France is always seen as a country of romance, and with good reason. Cultural standards make it easier to be physically close than in many other places in the world, and France has also been the home of many beautiful buildings and works of art. It also has some of the best cuisine in the world, which makes it a perfect place for a dinner date! Experience the romance of France with our new souvenirs.


Greece is one of the birthplaces of “Western” or European culture. This beautiful country provided most of the standards for architecture, sculpture, and philosophy, and was the birthplace of democracy. Today, it provides historical wonders, a beautiful climate, and a unique flavor. The famous Parthenon and the original Olympic Stadium are only two of the many wonders Greece holds. Bring back a bit of Greece with our new resin magnets.


Hungary is known for being a hospitable country and a perfect place to go looking for relaxation or entertainment. The combination of traditional hospitality with delicious foods and a multitude of hot springs and thermal lakes makes Hungary a place that will relax the most stressed of vacationers. This along makes Hungary worth visiting- and worth remembering. Check out our Hungarian magnets for more information!


Italy is, historically, a foundation of European culture, as well as having traditional foods that are famous all over the world. Enjoy genuine Italian pastas and wines or walk through structures from ages past, like the Coliseum, in warm, sunny Italy, and then take a stroll through our catalogue for the perfect souvenir to match your trip.


The Netherlands are well known for their tulips and windmills, as they should be. The windmills dot the landscape, both charming and practical- many of them were built to help pump water away to create dry, stable land. And Dutch tulips are some of the most varied and beautiful in the world. Recall these sights and others with this country's fridge magnets.


Norway is a country of striking, snowbound beauty. Its seaports, fjords, and cliffs make for many beautiful natural sights. It is a welcoming country despite its frigid weather, as Norwegian traditions of sticking together through the harsh climate remain strong. This country's kitchen magnets, new in our catalogue, reflect these traits.


Romania is a land of beauty and mystery. It has many natural wonders, but is most famous for its medieval castles, particularly Bran Castle, which was the home of the historical figure that formed the basis for Dracula. The story of Vlad the Impaler, and the book that Bram Stoker wove around him, have fascinated millions of people, and the chance to stand in the very location the book describes should not be missed. Learn about these historical structures and more in our catalogue.


Russia may fall in Asia geographically speaking, but it is emphatically European in its culture, especially modern Russia's larger cities. This is because most of the population centers are on Russia's eastern border, where it meets Europe. The capital city of Moscow has many amazing structures, such as the fortification of the Kremlin. Experience the rich heritage of modern Russia through travel and through our resin magnets.


Spain's balmy climate and myriad traditions make it a great vacation spot. Due to the upshot of tourism to this country, Spain has developed a rigorous rating system for hotels, so you'll be able to rest in perfect comfort in between enjoying events like bullfights or traditional dances like the flamenco. Enjoy sunny Spain and our bright new magnets!


Sweden is the perfect destination for an outdoor vacation. You can sail along the many harbors and cliffs on the coastline or ski or hike through the stunning Swedish Alps. When you've had your fill of the country's pristine wilderness, or when you simply feel the need to pause and warm up, you can relax at one of their famous spas. Whatever adventure you find in Sweden, we have a new magnet souvenir to accurately sum it up!


The Swiss Alps are some of the most famous mountains in the world for hiking and beautiful views. After you finish your skiing or hiking, you can sit back with some famous Swiss chocolate! Switzerland is also famous for being a very clean and safe country, so you can spend your time relaxing rather than worrying about subpar accommodations- and with our new magnets, you won't have to worry about subpar souvenirs, either.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been one of the most influential countries in modern history. Despite being only a small island, it sent out explorers and settlers all over the globe, and English is now a primary or secondary official language of many countries. London is the sightseeing center of the U.K., with many historic structures, such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London itself, where many important people were executed, and the classic modern sights, such as the red double-decker buses and the telephone boxes. Remember your time in London or elsewhere in the U.K. fondly with our resin fridge magnets.

Vatican City

The center of Catholicism is a city that is its own independent governing body. The Pope lives here, and many archives and historical and religious artifacts, as well as some truly stunning architecture, can be found throughout the city. Regardless of your religious views, everyone can appreciate the immense cultural value of Vatican City. Browse our Vatican souvenirs to make memories of your own trip!

Asian Countries' Kitchen Magnets

Asia is often seen as an exotic land of mystery and adventure. European explorers certainly felt that way when they found new plants and animals along with some of the oldest standing civilizations! Take the chance to visit Asia and to enjoy our new worldwide souvenirs.


Bhutan is a pristine country nestled in the Himalayas that welcomes hikers, bikers, and rafters alike to its reaches of untouched wilderness. Go on an adventure through beautiful terrain that has remained clear of human construction, or view the country's traditional festivals and Buddhist architecture. Our catalogue has new souvenirs to keep your memories as clear and fresh as the landscape.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) has many gorgeous temples and shrines as well as some lovely beaches and coastline. With its slightly smaller size and tourism industry, it makes for a more peaceful visit than its bustling neighbors, and you will be free to contemplate its beauty without interruption. Enjoy some peace and quiet, and save time and stress when finding souvenirs and gifts from Myanmar by using our catalogue.


Cambodia's most famous site is the Angkor Wat, an enormous and extravagant Hindu temple that is among the largest religious structures in the world. It is a must-see structure for any world traveler! You can also get a broad view of the country's bustling cities and dense jungle from a helicopter ride. You should also take the opportunity to taste the unique food that does not get exported as much as some other types of Asian food. This country's fridge magnet souvenirs feature the Angkor Wat and other aspects of Cambodian culture.


China is one of the biggest powers of the modern world, with its huge population powering large amounts of industry. It is also home to one of the oldest standing civilizations in the world, and the Chinese developed many elements of technology long before Europeans did. Between the ancient structures, the traditional foods, and the modern luxuries, no one could ever be bored on a vacation in China! Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of modern and ancient China, and bring them all back in an instant with our memorable souvenirs.


India is the country that many Europeans and Americans imagine when asked to picture the word ‘exotic'. With amazing structures such as the Taj Mahal and spices and teas unknown to Western palates until they made contact with India, it isn't hard to see why. India may be easier to access now, but it is no less awe-inspiring, and our new souvenirs do their best to live up to the country's incredible and varied image. Our magnets will immediately call up the images of the beautiful temples and palaces that you may see on a trip to India.


Indonesia is another perfect destination for outdoor activities, this time centered around marine events! Indonesia is located on a long string of islands, so it has many miles of coastline. This, combined with its tropical climate, makes for great boating, diving, and swimming, with many beautiful beaches, such as the famous ones at Bali, and lots of colorful marine life. There are also many Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist temples to enjoy. Whether you spend your time in Indonesia at sea or on land, you can't forget to pick up a souvenir like our great new magnets.


Japan has a unique culture due to its separation from mainland Asia. This includes a religion all its own, called Shinto, which has prompted a particular style of architecture in its many beautiful temples. It also has a unique style of cuisine based on the availability of fish- sushi and other fish dishes feature greatly in traditional Japanese food. Modern Japan is also well known for its many technological innovations and its great system of public transportation that is a boon to both locals and tourists. Whether you visit the bustling cities of Tokyo and Kyoto or make a relaxing stop at the famous Mount Fuji or among the beautiful cherry blossoms, you'll find plenty to do and see in Japan.


Laos is known for its one-of-a-kind landscape and its amazing archaeological finds. Two of the most famous sites in Laos are the Plain of Jars, where there are many large, fragmented jars that were made long ago, and Vang Vieng, which has unique hill formations that have allowed large caves to form, which visitors can explore. Whether you visit for the history or the activity, you can commemorate the trip with one of our new souvenir magnets.


Malaysia is a beautiful tropical destination with lots to see and do. Many of the attractions are in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, which boasts the world's largest twinned towers along with a shopping and hotel district that is the envy of any city and the delight of any tourist. The whole country seems geared to please visitors, with such luxury hotels and exciting landmarks. In case you are swept away by the attractions during your stay, you can check out our catalogue for Malaysian souvenirs.


Since it contains the world's tallest mountain, Mt. Everest, mountaineering is one of the most popular tourist activities in Nepal. Even if you are not there to climb Everest, it is likely that you will end up at least partway up one of the Himalayas at some point, considering how much of the country is mountainous terrain. Nepal is also deservedly famous for its monasteries. Because it is remote and serene, it was the perfect place to construct monasteries that would allow their occupants to get away from the world. These fantastic pieces of architecture are a pleasure to visit and make your journey a truly spiritual experience.


Since it is an island, one of the main attractions to Singapore is marine life. It has excellent aquariums, beaches, and diving experience for tourists to explore and experience. The national symbol of the country is even an aquatic creature, albeit a mythological one; it is a merlion, half lion, half fish. There is a fountain in the shape of one in the central business district!

South Korea

South Korea is a wonderful country with beautiful traditional garb and some amazing feats of architecture. The capital of Seoul features Gyeongbokgung Palace, a magnificent structure built in the classic Korean style. Korean pop culture has also grown in popularity around the world, so you will get a chance to experience the culture of famous Korean singers or television actors!


Thailand is a thriving country full of life and spirit. A visitor to Thailand will never be bored! Even just in the capital of Bangkok, there is a lot to see and do, from visiting palaces to learning how to meditate! With never a dull moment, you might need to consult our catalogue to make sure you get a souvenir from your eventful Thailand trip!


Vietnam is a city full of nature and culture. Although not a large country, it has 31 national parks, preserving jungles and caves for visitors to explore and learn about. Like all southeast Asian countries, it has its own unique twist on cuisine as well, and the countries unique flavors are well worth trying.

Middle Eastern Countries' Souvenir Magnets

The Middle East is a wellspring of culture and history. Positioned in between three major continents, it has served as a trade route and as the starting point of three of the world's major religions, influencing countless cultures along the way. Its balmy climate and the rich soil that could be found near the rivers crossing through it made it an ideal place for early civilizations to develop. Experience the wonders of the Middle East and bring home memories with our worldwide fridge magnets.


Jerusalem is a city of immeasurable historic and cultural value. It is the center of three major world religions as well as being the capital and home of an ancient and proud culture. It contains beautiful temples, the stunning Dome of the Rock mosques, and gorgeous cathedrals. Israel itself has other destinations as well, for the less religiously and historically inclined, such as hot springs. Jewish culture has a lot to offer in terms of music, with modern Jewish music being heavily influenced by jazz and other movements, alongside the traditional music that is still played at major events.


Jordan is a country with an amazing sense of history. Its chief attraction is the ruins at Petra, which consist of a giant city carved into a cliff face by an ancient people over 2000 years ago. The scale of this city is immense, and viewing it is an amazing experience. Jordan also offers access to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the face of the Earth, with water that has a very high salt and mineral content, keeping any marine life from occurring. This makes it safe to swim in, and many people claim the water has healing powers. We have tried our hardest to find new souvenir magnets that really sum up the experience of Jordan.


Turkey is a land of history and romance. Vacationers have many choices of activities and locations. You can tour the historic city of Istanbul, the capital of the former Ottoman Empire, and see such magnificent historical architecture as the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Hippodrome, and more. The Ottoman Empire was the major power in the area for centuries, so in accumulated many sites of historical importance. If that doesn't interest you, you can stay in the coastal cities and experience the lush climate and famed hospitality of the Mediterranean. Whatever you decide, use our catalogue to help find the perfect souvenir for your journey.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE, and particularly Dubai, is a juxtaposition of the modern and the traditional. Towers of steel and glass rise beside historic stone buildings, and the latest outlets compete with outdoor souks. Whether you'd rather spend your time learning about the historic significance of the old quarter, experiencing the taste of Dubai through the many restaurants or shopping at the spice souk, or relaxing in the new, modern hotels, there is something for everyone in Dubai- and in our catalogue.

African Countries' New Souvenirs

Africa is a continent of diverse tribes and truly ancient history. Both religion and science agree that some of the earliest people lived in Africa. They built great civilizations, the structures of which stand to this day. Today, Africa combines its remarkable wildlife and ancient buildings with modern comforts in a mish-mash of cultures and time periods. Enjoy these countries' fridge magnets, or check out our Africa section to see more souvenirs.


Everyone needs to go to Egypt at least once in their lives. The ancient Egyptians built a huge, thriving civilization that lasted for thousands of years, and in that time they also built some of the most magnificent structures on the face of the planet. The Great Pyramids at Giza seem unbelievable in their size and extravagance, especially when you consider they were built with pure manpower, rather than machinery, and that they were not essential civic works but rather tombs for their kings. The Sphinx is also incredible in both stature and craftsmanship. Seeing these magnificent structures connects visitors to the past in a way that few other sights can.


When one thinks of Morocco, one's thoughts are irresistibly drawn to the city of Casablanca. The city was romanticized in the American film of the same name and became a place associated with adventure and romance. As a port city, with lots of trade and open air markets, it is a fascinating place to visit even without the background of the movie. There are also many relaxing activities, like sailing and swimming, to enjoy. Morocco is a place to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy the ride, and with our worldwide kitchen magnets and other Morocco souvenirs, you won't even have to worry about forgetting a memento or gift.

South Africa

South Africa is the perfect place to experience the natural sights of Africa. There are many safaris available for you to see the open savannah and encounter zebras, giraffes, antelope, and even, from a safe distance, lions, in their natural habitat. The fabulous coastal Garden Route also offers many outdoor activities, from bungee jumping to rafting and more. Cape Town, the legislative capital of the country, has even more activities to offer, with lush botanical gardens and local wines and cuisine readily available.

Australia and New Zealand Fridge Magnets

Australia and the neighboring island of New Zealand are highly unique destinations. Isolated from the rest of the world for eons, these large islands gave rise to some of the strangest animals on the planet, creatures that arose nowhere else. Australia is home to the world's only two egg-laying mammals, as well as the famous kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. Experience an Australian vacation and enjoy our worldwide souvenirs.


Even in modern Australia, much of the continent is left uninhabited as it is harsh desert that is difficult to settle in. With proper guidance and precautions, this makes for great nature vacations as you experience the raw wilderness of Australia. The surrounding ocean also has a great many amazing reefs for divers, or is simply a lovely place to swim or sail. If the outdoors isn't your thing, you'll still be able to find plenty to do. Sydney's famous Opera House or its famous restaurant, the Quay, from which you can see both the Opera House and the gorgeous Sydney Harbour with its bridge, are just a couple of examples of entertainment in the city.

New Zealand

If it's scenery you want, New Zealand has it aplenty. Its green hills and snowy mountains are so striking that they have been used as the backdrop for many movies, including the famous “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Whether you're hiking or climbing or hiring a helicopter to enjoy the view from above, it is by far one of the most beautiful places on earth. New Zealand also has its share of unique wildlife, both by sharing some animals with Australia that are unique to the area, and with animals such as the kiwi, a large flightless bird that is so common on the island it is the mascot of the country, with native New Zealanders often being called “kiwis”. There's a lot to explore in New Zealand, and there's a lot to enjoy in our new souvenirs.

North American Countries' Kitchen Magnets

North America has a fairly short written history. Many of the native peoples did not have a written language, even though they had settled the land for hundreds or thousands of years, so in many cases, the written history of an area doesn't start until Europeans made their way to it, whether it was French traders, Spanish explorers, or English settlers. Compared to Europe, the continent is vast, with a wide variety of climates and cultures, so even if you live in North America, there is plenty to do and see in the other corners of the continent, and now we have the souvenirs to match.


Mexico was largely settled by the Spanish. Today, it is a mixture of Hispanic and Native heritage that has grown into its own individual culture. Large terraced pyramids, the remnants of the old Mayan civilization that was subsumed by European settlers, still remain, such as Chichen Itza, and are nearly as magnificent as the more famous pyramids in Egypt. You can also go sailing in the Gulf of Mexico or enjoy the singular cuisine that evolved from Spanish sensibilities and North American crops.

United States

It is difficult to sum up the tourist possibilities of the United States in one phrase. The country covers a wide swath of land both vertically and horizontally, with climates ranging from desert in the Southwest to temperate rainforest in the Northwest to steamy wetlands in the Southeast, forests and mountains in the Northwest, and temperate plains in the center of the country. With even the weather and terrain varying that much, the people and culture varies just as widely. Even before European settlement, native tribes varied widely across the area, and with people from different countries settling in different regions, the cultural diversity only became more pronounced. Just a few of the many tourist possibilities in this country include the thriving city of New York, with Broadway shows and the Statue of Liberty; the hills and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco; and the Badlands and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

South American Souvenir Magnets

South America is a land of rainforests, oceans, and rivers. The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world, and it has much more water than the longest. The rainforest that surrounds it is one of the liveliest places on Earth, with an untold number of plant and animal species, of which humans have only identified a fraction. This lush wonderland is waiting for you to make the trip, and our souvenirs are ready and waiting as well!


Brazil contains the largest stretch of the Amazon River and the Amazon Rainforest. This, in combination with its long tropical coastline, makes it a great outdoor destination. You can explore the rainforest and soak in its natural beauty and wonder, relax and sail down the Amazon River, or swim, dive, and bask on a warm, sunny beach. Brazil also has a unique culture, a fusion of the native residents and the Portuguese settlers who came there, which makes for fascinating food and festivals for visitors to enjoy. You can recall these pass times and others with this country's fridge magnets.

Chile/Easter Island

Chile has its own brand of natural beauty. Rather than pure rainforest, Chile has steep mountains, good for skiing or climbing, and a long, sandy coastline. Chile also has several small islands off its coast, including one of the most famous islands in the world, Easter Island. This fascinating island is dotted with giant stone heads, the purpose of which has puzzled archaeologists to this day. If you get a chance to view the Easter Island heads or experience the other wonders of Chile, don't hesitate! And make sure you remember every second with our new resin magnet.


A vacation in Peru is a true adventure. Whether you are walking through the ruins at Machu Picchu or experiencing some of the most pristine nature on the planet, you'll always be in the middle of the action. Peru has three separate climate areas, and each provides a different type of excitement. The sandy coasts provide dunes for buggy racing and waves for surfing, as well as places to swim or lay back and relax. The sierra region has mountains to climb. And the rainforest region includes some of the most pristine rainforest in the world, with much of it completely preserved and untouched for you to explore through hiking or rafting. You might not even make it into a store, so make sure to check out the souvenir magnets in our catalogue!

The Conclusion of our Worldwide Souvenirs

These countries' fridge magnets can now be viewed in our catalogue under their respective categories. These are all the countries we have new resin magnets for, but please do not forget that we have a great many other magnets already featured in our catalogue, as well as many other types of souvenirs! We hope this article has kept you up to date on many tourism options from around the world and helped to inspire some ideas for future vacations, but you shouldn't limit yourself to these possibilities. Remember to enjoy your trip, wherever you may end up going, and don't stress about finding the perfect souvenir while you are there. If you can't, and you still want a memento of your trip, you can always order from us after the fact- or even order before, and time it so your souvenir will arrive home at the same time you do! We want to take the stress of transport and searching off your hands so you have more time to enjoy the wonders of travel.