French Souvenir Magnets Are a Great Way to Remember Your Continental Journey

Because of their small size, the fact that they aren't fragile and they're so easy to display - no nails or tape needed - fridge magnets have been popular souvenirs for decades. However, sometimes we just can't find the design we like while we're away, or we forget - or perhaps we want a symbol of a place that we haven't visited but dream of. That is where World Wide Gifts' fridge magnet collection comes in. Today we are pleased to release twelve additions to our already wide variety of French souvenir magnets. These include general ones representing all of France, and those from popular areas like Mont St. Michel, Alsace, Carcassonne as well as lesser-known places like Annercy, Camargue, and Edelweiss.

These Magnets of French Warriors Remind Us That France Was The Birthplace of Chivalry

These two magnets depict medieval warriors in full battle array, ready to fight for king and country. The first bears on his shiled the fleur de lis, the ancient symbol of the French monarchy. The second is of a warrior leaping into battle bearing a red cross on a white background for his sigil: this Christian emblem was popular amongst the "holy warriors" who traveled to fight in the many medieval Crusades.

These Magnets Depict Dramatic French Fortifications in the Atlantic

To defend their land from the sea (especially from the English), over the centuries the French have built numerous Atlantic fortifications, some of which are beautiful to behold today. We have one magnet with an image of Fort Boyard, a remarkable Napoleonic-era fortification which seems to rise directly out of the ocean. In fact it sits on a submerged rock, which made construction incredibly difficult. It has also served as a prison and as the setting for a game show named after the fortress. The other Atlantic stronghold seen here is Le Mont Saint Michel, a medieval fortified abbey built on a rock that is an island at high tide and a piece of the continent at low tide. Today its magical beauty brings in visitors from across the globe. We have one image with it set in the background of a bucolic field of sheep and another showing it at high tide, surrounded by its watery fortifications.

These Magnets Show Buildings from France's Other Watery Frontier: the Rhine River

The eastern edge of France has long been the Rhine River, which means that the nation has incorporated a German-speaking region known as Alsance. While this region was long contested between France and various German powers, today it is firmly within France and home to many European Union bodies. Our magnets from this region show that not only is the tongue of the people Germanic, but also their buildings. The first is of a beautiful clocktower and the second a house with a balcony covered in flowers - both are more similar to the buildings found across the river in Germany than in France.

The South Has Much to Offer: the Alps and the Mediterranean

At the other end of France lies the warm south and these magnets show its variation and beauty. The first is from Camargue, a swampy area known for its birding and its wild horses (shown on this magnet). The second and third show the walls of Carcassone, a walled town which was famous for its Medieval splendor long before it became the subject of a globally-popular board game of the same name. Our fourth image is from the Alpine region, near France's southeastern border. The town of Annecy is famous for the image seen in this magnet: the Palais de l'Isle, a medieval fortified palace located on a man-made island on the Thiou Canal. Finally, we have a picture of the lovely Alpine flowers known as Edelweiss, which are usually associated with Austria, but decorate the mountain slopes throughout the Alps.