Our Worldwide Fridge Magnet Collection Has Something for Everyone

World Wide Gifts' already expansive collection of fridge magnets is expanding today to include 415 acrylic and vinyl magnets from forty five countries, including examples from every inhabited continent. A collection of this size cannot be easily summed up – it includes historic buildings, cityscapes, modern art, exotic animals and thrilling activities – and must be looked through to be truly appreciated. We will, however, take the opportunity to point out a few highlights of the collection to wet your appetite for more. If you don't see what you're interested in within the descriptions below, don't give up – peruse the collection and see if something catches your fancy.

Fridge Magnet Collecting is a Great Way to Experience the World

Collecting fridge magnets is a great way to remember your favorite trips or dream of future journeys. Even if you can't make it to all of the locations that spark your imagination, with the hobby of souvenir collecting, you can enjoy and show your appreciation for the world's most elegant buildings, greatest cities and most beautiful animals. Fridge magnets are a great way to start this life-long hobby as they are affordable, small and easy to display. There is no need to put nails into your walls or seek new space on your shelves, as magnets can take their proud place on your fridge as soon as you take them out of the wrapper. World Wide Gifts is here to help you with an ever-growing selection of fridge magnets, in both acrylic and vinyl, depicting the most exciting sites from across the globe.

Classic Souvenirs from Classic European Locations

Many of us dream of the perfect European vacation, and even if you can't afford to visit this fascinating continent, you can bring a little piece of it home with you if the form of one of our acrylic or vinyl fridge magnets. You cannot get any more iconic than our first magnet, an image of London's Tower Bridge (often mistaken as the London Bridge, its smaller neighbor); it spans the Thames near the Tower of London. Another example of a spectacular European locale from the collection is our magnet of Prague Castle, dominating the city and serving as an ancient symbol of the nation. From further east, we have a beautiful image of Moscow's Red Square at dawn – one of the world's greatest plazas, it is home to the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, the GUM department store, and the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. Not everything in Europe is about stately history, however, our "Get Human" magnet from Berlin depicts an inspiring piece of graffiti in a city known for its love of advent-garde art. For those looking for an even more laid back European experience, we also feature a magnet depicting a Bavarian Hofbrauhaus (Beer House).

The Collection Includes a Fine Selection of Magnets Depicting African Locations

A continent of incredible beauty and diversity, Africa is unfortunately often overlooked by souvenir collectors focusing on more traditional locales such as Europe and the United States. However, as this collection demonstrates, Africa has much to offer. A great first addition to your collection is one of our "Welcome to Africa" magnets, each featuring an iconic African animal such as the lion, ostrich or zebra. Fans of history can't find a locale with deeper history that the theme of our second magnet, Olduvai Gorge, where the Leakey family found some of humanity's earliest ancestors. Tropical relaxation is the theme of our third featured magnet, from the Kenyan city of Mombasa's marine national park and reserve. Those who enjoy the pulse of modern Africa might relish our image of South Africa's Cape Town lit up at night.

Visit the Middle East without Leaving Home Through our Collection

There are few areas of the globe that combine ancient history, exotic flavors and an air of mystery like the Middle East. It is a place of icons like no other; for instance, our first featured magnet features Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock, the incredible gold-domed mosque said to be built on the foundations of Solomon's Temple. It is a site sacred to Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. The Middle East also features incredible natural landscapes as well, such as the view of the Atlas Mountains from Tunisia depicted in our second magnet. Moving north to Turkey, the home of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, there are few places in the world that can compare to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, where one can buy everything from an ancient manuscript to the latest IPod. Turkey is also rich in artistic tradition, as our next magnet – showing beautiful tilework – demonstrates. This is fitting a country that stands astride currents of trade and culture from Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Live Your American Souvenir Dream, Hawaiian Style!

The United States is not overlooked in our collection either. While World Wide Gifts offers magnets from across the USA, this particular addition is rich with images depicting America's furthest-flung state: the islands of Hawai'i. Our first featured magnet depicts Waimea Canyon on the island of Kaua'i; known as the ‘nature island,' the beautiful landscapes of Kaua'i have been featured in films like Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the television show Lost. Our second magnet features Waikiki Beach, just outside of the city of Honolulu, one of the islands' most popular beaches and an important site in the creation of the sport of surfing.

Beyond the Hawaiian Islands, this collection also includes a new image of the cityscape of New York, the Space Needle in Seattle and a skier in Washington State. These beautiful images are typical of the wide-ranging selection of North American cities and locales available on World Wide Gifts – including iconic places like New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Hollywood, Orlando, Miami and Los Vegas.

Now You Can Have a Chinese Kitchen with These Fridge Magnets from China

Since "opening" to the outside world in the 1970s, China has exploded on the world stage, not only economically and politically but also touristically. Not only are the Chinese exploring the rest of the world, but ever-increasing numbers of visitors are traveling to China and finding that the country has more to offer than they had ever imagined. Our expanded collection of Chinese fridge magnets helps you keep up with the new trend. Of course, we feature a number of classic Chinese landmarks including the Great Wall which stretched across the Empire's northern border, and the Temple of Heaven in the Forbidden City. We also have images of modern China, including an adorable Giant Panda at the Beijing Zoo and depictions of rural Chinese life, like the famous rice paddy terraces of Yangshuo.

Indian Souvenir Magnets are Almost As Good As Visiting India

China is not the only great Asian nation featured in this expanded collection: there are also twenty-one new magnets from India. The collection is particularly rich with images from the coastal city of Goa, which has a particularly exotic flavor due to its centuries-long status as a Portuguese colony. Our first featured magnet is a beautiful palm beach outside of Goa – the small state is known for its fine sand beaches. The second is also from Goa, of an old building from the colonial period and the third of a striking yellow-roofed building in the city.

Outside of Goa, this collection has a number of images from other areas of India. The first featured magnet is a classic image of the Hindu god Ganesh, the elephant-headed god popular throughout India. A similar religiously-tinged image, always a popular theme of souvenirs from India, is a depiction of a sacred cow looking out into the sea. Regardless of where in the subcontinent you travel, World Wide Gifts is able to meet your souvenir needs.

South Africa, the Rainbow Republic Awaits Your Visit

Located at the southernmost tip of Africa, the Republic of South Africa is a land with a long, often sad history. The site of conflicting Dutch and English colonial ambitions, it was also home to powerful warring African nations like the Zulu and the Sotho. The bloody wars of colonization eventually gave way to the tragedy of Apartheid and brutal racial segregation. However, in the early 1990s, South Africa inspired the world as it peacefully transitioned to an unsegregated state with its first African president, Nelson Mandela. The world embraced the new South Africa and it quickly gained its rightful place as a fantastic tourist destination. While you may not be able to visit the “Rainbow Republic” on your own, with souvenir line, you can enjoy some of the beauty and inspirational history.

We at World Wide Gifts are proud to offer a number of South African fridge magnets in our newly expanded line. Some of the finest images are of the supremely photogenic city of Cape Town, with Table Mountain rising behind it. Take a look at our handsome image of the Aerial Lift which brings tourists to the top of Table Mountain for fantastic views. Our second image is of a lighthouse located on the Cape of Good Hope, an important spot for such a building as the Cape has a long history of dangerous ship wrecks. For those who love South Africa for its fantastic wildlife, we have a number of new animal images, including our featured magnet depicting a red parrot.

Souvenirs from the Some of the Lesser-Known Corners of the World

Here at World Wide Gifts, we do not focus solely upon the destinations that everyone knows about, but we also hope to serve the traveler or collector who is fascinated by those countries and places that are off the beaten track and far from package-deal tourism. One example of this from our new collection is the large number of magnets featuring the Belarusian city of Minsk. Belarus is often dismissed by Westerners as a relic of the Soviet era and is not high on many dream-vacation lists. However, as this collection shows, it is a country rich in beauty and history. Our collection includes images of striking modern buildings, like the austere Palace of the Republic, and classic structures like the Cathedral of the Saint Virgin Mary.

On the other side of the globe, the tiny Pacific island of Palau is similarly not high in the world's consciousness, but is remarkably beautiful as our magnet of a bird's eye view of the islands shows. We have a number of souvenirs from Palau, many depicting similarly beautiful scenes, available here at World Wide Gifts. Palau remains a republic in “free association” with the United States; this colonial-like arrangement means that Americans can visit the island without a passport and that the US dollar is the official currency of the islands.

In the highlands of Southeast Asia, Laos is a country often known more for the scars of the Vietnam War and for poverty than as a popular destination, but our souvenir collection shows that even here there are beautiful sights awaiting the traveler. Our featured magnets include the gorgeous Kuang Si waterfall – being both mountainous and wet, Laos is blessed with many waterfalls – and the Golden Temple at Wat (the Buddhist word for “temple”) Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang.