American T-Shirts are Perfect for the Collector or the Traveller

Orlando, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle - all distinct, but together these legendary cities capture the American spirit. Each of these American T-shirts depicts a collection of famous buildings, natural sites and quirks from the title city, meaning that they can encapsulate a perfect journey. Sometimes, the sheer diversity of America makes the collecting of souvenirs from the USA appear daunting, but this collection brings together so many elements, making it a great start for a new collection or a valued addition to an existing one. T-shirts are unique amongst a collector's options because of their wearability: with a souvenir T-Shirt from the USA, you can show off your travels or your good taste to the world! Is there a better segue into conversation than a distinct, stylish shirt design from our American t-shirt collection?

Los Angeles T-Shirt

Los Angeles is the dream factory America, the "Entertainment Capital of the World" and this t-shirt captures all of the excitement. With bright colors standing out on a white background, it stylishly depicts some of the city's most important sites: the Hollywood Sign, Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the California Screamin' Rollercoaster at Disneyland (the original!), the golden beaches and palm trees and the cruise ships that travel over the glitter Pacific. Whether Los Angeles is a treasured memory, an exciting future plan or a fun addition to your collection, this t-shirt is a key addition!

San Francisco T-Shirt

Beautiful. Funky. Iconic. This classy t-shirt hits all of the bases in its tour of California's San Francisco. The shirt design is like a tour of the city's main attractions. The gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge tops the scene, crossing the mouth of the San Francisco Bay and across the bottom run the city's legendary cable cars, the last of their kind in the world. The city's steeply inclined hills - often giving beautiful views of the Bay - are traversed by the cable cars and provide a unique experience for the visitor. Other images on this stylish shirt include the glass house at the botanic garden, the city's colorful wooden Victorian houses and the Coit Tower Monument. Like the city, this t-shirt is unique, fun and a perfect addition to your travel memories.

Washington D.C. T-Shirt

America's capital is the theme of this souvenir t-shirt, showing off the both the city and the nation's grandeur, pride and sorrow. The Capitol, where both the House of Representatives and the Senate meet, and the White House, both office and home to the President, stand proudly in the upper-righthand corner. At their side is the Lincoln Monument, famous as a gathering place for those seeking to defend and extend liberty - a spirit perhaps best embodied when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used it in 1963 as the stage for his "I have a dream" speech. However, Washington is not only a place for celebration: along the bottom, is the dark marble Vietnam Memorial, listing all of the war's American dead. The Washington Monument and the Smithsonian Institute round out this stylish tour-de-force of one of the world's most important capital cities.

Miami T-Shirt

Miami may be world-famous for its glittering beachfront strip, but this t-shirt shows that the city has so much more to offer both the tourist and the souvenir collector. Miami is the nation's gateway to the south and pumps with energy borrowed from across Latin America, giving it one of the nation's most spectacular nightlife. This souvenir t-shirt depicts sites like the city's Seaquarium and its famous killer whale performance staring "Lolita," the fanciful designs of the mysterious Coral Castle (built single-handedly by Edward Leedskalin, some say with supernatural assistance), and the Miami Metro Zoo. The "Magic City" calls the visitor through this fashionable collector tee.

Orlando T-Shirt

Orlando brings in visitors from around the world as the home to seven themeparks, ranging from the spectacular Disney World Resort to the more humble Gatorland. Both of these parks appear on the shirt, which features Sleeping Beauty's Castle from Disney's Magic Kingdom and the alligator-shaped entrance to Gatorland. Other featured parks in the collage include: Universal Studios Jaws attraction, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park, and the Pirate Cove Adventure Golf course, a low-key local favorite. The city's attractions continually grow with the opening of the Holy Land Experience in 2002, the 2008 addition of Aquatica Orlando at SeaWorld, and Legoland Florida's arrival at the site of the former Cypress Gardens in 2011. This t-shirt allows you to bring a bit of the fun back home with you!

Honolulu T-Shirt

Hawai'i's largest city and capital is the theme of this stylish t-shirt. The collage of images here features some of the city's most popular sights: Manoa Falls, the sunken remains of the USS Arizon (victim of the Pearl Harbor raid that started American participation in World War II), the Royal 'Iolani Palace, and, of course, the legendary beaches. Waikiki Beach and its famous hotels is one of the most popular family destinations, while those seeking high surf travel to the north shore. The 'Iolani Palace is a stately building in downtown Honolulu and was the home to the Hawaiian royal family until their overthrow in 1893; today it is a museum and the only royal residence on American soil. Visitors enjoy concerts under the trees outside and the crown jewels on display in the basement. Honolulu is truly the gem of the Aloha State and this t-shirt captures the spirit and fun of the tropical island capital.

Chicago T-Shirt

The Windy City struts its stuff on this fashionable t-shirt, available in both men's and women's designs. The city is perhaps most famous for its Modernist architecture and, appropriately, the top of the t-shirt's collage features the legendary skyline, especially black Willis Tower (formerly the Sear's Tower) dominating the center. Complementing this striking cityscape are a sculpture by Picasso from Daley Plaza, the Chicago Bulls Stadium, Wrigley Field (home to the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise since 1916), and the Chicago Art Institute. America's third city is sometimes forgotten behind the glamor of New York and Los Angeles, but as this t-shirt shows, it has all of the trappings of a world city and more than enough to draw in visitor and souvenir collector alike.

Las Vegas T-Shirt

The glitz and glamor of "Sin City" is the theme of this cotton keepsake t-shirt. At the center of the shirt is the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" neon sign, which has greeted visitors to the Las Vegas Strip since 1959 and has been a perennial favorite in souvenirs from the city. The real draw of the city, however, is shown by the dice and cards that dominate the corners of the collage: it is blackjack, poker and craps that bring in the tourists and continually build the city's legend as a place were fortunes can be made (or, more often) lost in a night. Another of the city's big draws is Nevada's relatively liberal marriage and divorce laws, and the no reservations needed wedding chapels - like the one featured on the shirt - always bring in those who want to take a different type of gamble.

New York T-Shirt

There is no city in the world like New York and this t-shirt shows us just why. From the mighty skyscrapers, the elegance of Fifth Avenue, the lights of Broadway and Times Square and the stateliness of classic monuments like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, this city has it all. Featured on the shirt are: the Statue herself, the Bridge, Central Park (where the world comes to relax), St. Patrick's Cathedral - the heart of Catholicism in the city - and Times Square itself. The City that Never Sleeps welcomes millions of visitors from around the world and you can commemorate your time a one of them, or join them in spirit if you can't make the trip, with this classy t-shirt.

Seattle T-Shirt

The jewel of the Northwest Coast, beautiful Seattle is a growing attraction for tourists from around the world. The city's most famous landmark, the Space Needle, is joined on this shirt by its fellow skyscrapers, the Smith Tower, the Columbia Center and other prominent structures. One popular sight in the city that appears on the shirt is the Museum of Flight and Aviation History, represented by a classic airplane. Seattle is located in the scenic Puget Sound and is close to the spectacular Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, offering something for everyone.