Show Your Loyalty to the Homeland, Old or New

"Home" is a powerful idea and we are always looking for new ways to express our love of country. Our souvenir flag magnet collection allows you to show off your pride, regardless of where you're from or where you are. Often times, our hearts are to be found far from where we live. Perhaps you pine for the land of your ancestors, places that have sent emigrants around the globe like Cuba, Greece, Israel or Ireland. Alternatively, perhaps you are proud of the land you or your ancestors found their new life - places like the USA, Australia, or Canada which have accepted great numbers of immigrants over the centuries, becoming a cultural blend. On the other hand, perhaps you truly feel loyal to place whose culture has attracted your attention, despite your lack of genealogical connection: maybe it is Japanese culture with its manga and tea ceremonies that has caught your attention or Egypt with its spectacular ancient history and inspiring recent revolution that commands your imagination. Any way, there is no better way to demonstrate this pride that through purchasing a souvenir flag magnet from our expanded collection.

Our Collection is Complete - Not Only Every Country But Every Dependency Too

Some of us, however, are connected to those places without independent governments. These territories may not have seats at the UN but do have with proud histories and rich cultures. Unfortunately, because of they are relatively unknown, it is often difficult to find souvenirs from these dependencies. However, here at World Wide Gifts, our collection is complete with every dependency. This means that fans of the Kowloon Cricket Club in Hong Kong, Les Gwada Boys Football in Guadeloupe or the Manu Samoa Rugby Union in American Samoa can finally strut their stuff.

The Perfect Gift for the Football (Soccer for you Americans!) Fan

Nothing captures the attention, energy and dreams of the globe like the FIFA World Cup every four years. Fans of national teams are always seeking a way to demonstrate their allegiance and, as everyone knows that the fans that cheer the loudest help their team win, our souvenir magnets can help you find new ways to root for the home team. Whether you support current champions, Spain or perhaps the elegant game played by Italy, we have your flag here. Perhaps you give nod to the game's noble history and support the United Kingdom - those who invented the game - or, of course, Brazil - who made it beautiful. Other popular team flags include Argentina, France or Germany.