Popular Souvenirs From Egypt - Then and Now

Egypt has been a popular destination for visitors since at least the days of the Ancient Greeks: when Antipater of Sidon drafted his first list of the "Seven Wonders of the World" in the 1st century BC, he included the Great Pyramids as they were already drawing in visitors from around the Mediterranean. This interest has continued to the present day, with Europeans becoming particularly interested since the days of Napoleon's invasion. While early visitors seeking souvenirs from Egypt brought back antiquities - even full mummies! - today's tourists are more considerate than to plunder Egypt's treasures. This collection allows the modern Egpyto-phile to bring a bit of the land of the Nile home with them.

Where to See Antiquities in Egypt

This collection spans the length of the Nile, including some of the most important sites. Start at the mouth of the Nile with a magnet featuring the Alexandrian coast. Our Egyptian fridge magnet tour continues upriver with views of the mighty Nile itself, one of the world's longest and most important rivers. Above the Nile Delta is the city of Cairo - the largest in Africa and the Arab world - and home to both the Pyramid at Giza and the Great Sphinx. Continuing south to the Upper Nile, we come to Luxor where our magnet from the ruins of the Temple of Karnak features an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes. Further south, in legendary Nubia, we have beautiful magnets depicting the Abu Simbel Temples dedicated to Ramses II and moved stone by stone in 1968 when they were threatened with flooding by the Aswan Dam.

Beyond the Pyramids - Great Cities, Haunting Deserts and Beautiful Coastlines

While it is undeniable that the greatest attractions in Egypt for millennia have been the ruins of the the ancient Egyptian civilization, this is not the only draw for the modern visitor. For many Egyptians the most popular place to vacation is not the ruins of the past but along the Red Sea, where endless beaches and almost guaranteed sunny days greet the visitor. We have several magnets featuring the bountiful sealife that visitors can view while snorkeling. On the far side of Egypt, in the Sahara lies the Quattara Depression, which includes not only beautiful expanses of sand, but also salt marshes and wildlife like the adorable fennec fox. Other visitors prefer the deserts of Sinai, with their long Christian history and ancient monasteries tucked away in the high peaks. Finally, Egypt is not only a land of forgotten ruins and empty deserts but also of great, bustling cities like Cairo, and Alexandria (featured in the magnet above).