We are starting a new collection of resin fridge magnets/figurines depicting people wearing national clothes as well as famous persons or characters specific to different countries or places. Today there is the first batch of them, including more than ten different designs. So, meet people from Italy, Japan, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Georgia, Brazil, Germany, Kenya, Hungary, and Ukraine.

All magnets are fully 3D and made by resin (AKA polystone, AKA polyresin, AKA plastic) and have two strong neodymium magnets attached to the back. Our new magnets are painted by hands. They are about 9 cm tall and have small stands (so they can also be used as desktop figurines).

The collection is going to grow; at the time there are about 60 new designs are in progress; we are planning to develop the collection actively.

The permanent webpage for “People of the World” collection of fridge magnets is here