Varied Selection of Fridge Magnets Depicting World Famous French Cuisine

French cuisine is internationally famous and various items of French food are eaten the world over; from baguettes to croissants, and from camembert cheese to chipolata sausage, everyone is familiar with the tastes of France. Our varied selection of fridge magnets depicts the famous French cuisine and is described in more detail below, for your perusal.

Delices De Provence; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

Provence is a picturesque historical region of south-eastern France; its cuisine has a heavy Mediterranean influence. The food perhaps has more in common with traditional Italian cuisine than that found elsewhere in France. Provence is home to some famous French dishes including bouillabaisse and ratatouille. The basis of the majority of the food produced in the region lies in some core ingredients, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. All of these ingredients are captured in this attractive resin fridge magnet which encapsulates the essence of Provence cuisine.

The Eiffel Tower Made From Bread; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

There cannot be anyone who is unfamiliar with the imposing sight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the beautiful capital of France. This attractive edifice was built in 1889 as the entranceway to the World's Fair. Situated on the Champ de Mars it is a popular tourist destination. And as tourists flock to the French capital they rest and eat at the myriad of pavement cafes which serve traditional cuisine. It seems very apt that this resin fridge magnet features an iconic French structure created from traditional French bread.

Delices De France, Cockerel, Bread, and Cheese; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

The vast majority of people in the world will have eaten French food in their lives. In 2010 UNESCO even added it to its lists of the world's intangible cultural heritage. If asked to name a food for which France is famous most people would put bread and cheese high up on their list. They are both featured on this attractive resin fridge magnet, together with a magnificent cockerel. The cockerel is the national animal of France. In Latin the word Gallus means ‘Gallic' and ‘Rooster' and during the Middle Ages the cockerel was a common religious symbol. Since the Renaissance era it has progressively become more identified as the national symbol it is today.

Delices De Provence, Oil And Wine; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

With its food being influenced by Italian cuisine, and having a Mediterranean feel, the Provence region of France is well known for its plentiful use if olive oil. Together with other French regions it is also a famous and successful producer of wine. The region specialises in dry rosé wine; it is the largest region in the world to do so. Even celebrities have joined in, with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt producing the first wine from their Provence estate in 2012. This attractive resin fridge magnet reminds us of Provence in depicting both the olive oil and the wine.

Tray with French Food; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

When most people think about eating in France they think about eating out, whether it is in a pavement café, or an expensive restaurant. But the backbone of French cuisine is basic staple ingredients. Depicted on this resin fridge magnet are such basic food items as croissants, a pastry, and a hot drink, served on a tray, with some reading material to keep the diner entertained. We all enjoy a meal out, but equally we all enjoy a relaxed snack on a tray.

Delices De Bretagne; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

The region of Brittany, or Bretagne in French, is rugged and hilly, and is situated in northwest France. It is not a heavily industrialised area, relying instead on fishing and agriculture. There is a much cattle, pig, and poultry breeding. It is France's number one region for fishing with around nine thousand people employed in the activity. With its lush agricultural landscape Brittany is known or producing fine natural eating products. Not forgetting the drinking such as the famous Cornouaille cider. Both cider and crepes feature on this attractive resin fridge magnet, reminding us of the flavours of Brittany.

Delice De Corse; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

Corsica, Corse in French, is an island province, lying in the Mediterranean Sea to the west of Italy; geographically it is closer to Italy than it is to mainland France. It is perhaps most famous as the birthplace of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Although Corsica is part of France its cuisine lies somewhere between French and Italian. Wild boar is a familiar food on the island, listed as sanglier on a menu it is used in such dishes as civet de sanglier, or wild boar casserole. Dairy products are also widely used in Corsican cookery, in particular brocciu, a ewe's cheese. The food of Corsica is captured on these beautiful resin fridge magnets.

Deli Of Corsica; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

As well as being known for its wild boar and dairy products Corsica also includes a wide variety of seafood in its cuisine. Red mullet, sea bream, oysters, and crayfish can regularly be found on a menu. And after a good meal what could be better than a good wine? There are several wine producers scattered about the island and the variety of soils and conditions create a very diverse range. The best offerings would seem to be found in Patrimonio, Ajaccio and near Sartène. The wine can be seen, along with traditional foodstuffs, on this colourful resin fridge magnet.

Basque Cuisine; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

The home of the Basque people is known as the Basque Country even though it spans the border of France and Spain in the western Pyrenees. The area in France is known as the Northern Basque Country. One very familiar feature of Basque cuisine is the red chilli which can often be seen hanging out to dry towards the end of the summer. Jambon de Bayonne is another favourite ingredient; the salty ham is very popular. Probably the most important staple food of the Basque people is fish with sea bass, sardines, and anchovies, featuring strongly. The tastes of Basque cuisine are captured on this attractive resin fridge magnet.

Alsace Delices; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

Alsace is the smallest region in mainland France but the third most densely populated. Originally part of the Holy Roman Empire it was gradually annexed by France during the eighteenth century. Alsace cuisine tends only to be found in that region with the exception of such dishes as choucroute which is served all over France. This is a garnished version of sauerkraut. On this attractive resin fridge magnet, a girl from Alsace is pictured carrying items of local food.

Delices D'Alsace; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

One of the most important food products from the Alsace region is Pork; the pig is known as ‘the noble pig'. This is used in the creation of baeckeoffe which is a stew also consisting of mutton, beef and vegetables. The stew is started at home and marinated in wine for two days before being placed between layers of potato and taken to the bakers to be put in the oven. This is where the name baeckeoffe comes from; it translates as ‘baker's oven'. Pork features heavily on this resin fridge magnet, with the depiction of sausages.

Delices D'Alsace and Blackboard; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

Together with its food products, Alsace is known for wine production. The Riesling grape variety originated in the Rhine region of Germany but has been planted in Alsace since at least 1477. It is an aromatic vine from which dry, sweet, semi-sweet, and sparkling white wines are produced. More than one fifth of the vineyards in Alsace produce Riesling wine. A bottle of this locally produced drink can be seen on this colourful resin fridge magnet together with the pork sausage and pastries for which the area is known.

Huile d'Olive; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

Huile d'Olive, or olive oil is often used in French cooking. This is a fat obtained by crushing the olive fruit which is grown extensively in the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is used in the production of cosmetics and as a fuel. But a major usage, and one which will be familiar to everyone, is that of a cooking ingredient. In this usage olive oil is better when fresh when it retains its fragrance. The vast majority of the world supply of olive oil, around seventy per cent, is provided by Spain and Italy. The use of olive oil in the cooking of French cuisine is reflected in this resin fridge magnet.

Plateau Francais; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

There is no better known typically French snack than bread, cheese and wine. One of the most famous French cheeses is Roquefort, a blue cheese, from the south of France. It is made from ewe's milk and popularly used in making pies and tarts. Probably the most well-known French bread is the baguette, literally meaning ‘the stick', which comes in three forms; the ordinary baguette which is a crispy brown colour, the moulded baguette which is generally produced in large industrial ovens , and the floured baguette which is paler due to its dusting with flour prior to baking. Add one of the famous French wines such as those from Bordeaux or Burgundy and you have the picture that is on this attractive resin fridge magnet.

Pains De France; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

There can be few people in the world who have not eaten French bread at some point in their lives. As well as the most familiar baguettes there are many other types of French bread. Normal white French loaves come in various forms such as the ring shaped couronne, the flute which is twice the size of a baguette, the batard which is half the size of a normal loaf, and the long and thin ficelle. A totally different type of bread is the sweeter brioche which is rich in taste due to the addition of such ingredients as butter and cream. The various breads of France are depicted on this resin fridge magnet.

Delices De France; Resin Fridge Magnet Depicting Traditional French Cuisine

A platter of French cheese, bread, and wine is always a welcome meal. As well as being tasty it is also healthy, when eaten in moderation. Cheese is a good provider if protein and amino acids as well as being a good source of calcium. Bread provides carbohydrates which are required as part of a balanced diet. And red wine is said, in some studies, to be good for the circulatory system. This traditional French meal is depicted on this attractive resin fridge magnet.