Visit Scenic Copenhagen, the City of Spires

The modern city of Copenhagen is a bustling, beautiful, often funky city located in the straights of Kattegat (connecting the Baltic Sea to the North Sea) between the Jutland peninsula of Denmark, Germany and Sweden. This location along vital trade routes has long made the city prosperous, as we can see it its beautiful buildings. The first magnet features the Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Monarch and the Prime Minister and was formerly the home of the King of Denmark. Our second magnet is of the famed Little Mermaid statue located in the city's harbor; before becoming world-famous through the Disney film, the mermaid was a local tale and the statue, a Copenhagen icon. Finally, for those whose love of Copenhagen knows no particular location, we have a magnet shaped like a mug with the words "I Love Copenhagen," perhaps this is all you need to say.

Denmark Was the Home of the Mighty Vikings

Located on the coast of the island of Zealand and criss-crossed by canals, Copenhagen is a city with a long, tumultuous relationship to the sea. Of course, the most famous period of this maritime heritage was between the 8th and 11th centuries, when the young men of Denmark (as well as Norway and Sweden) went "fara í víking," which literally means "to go on an expedition" but in truth referred to great journeys raiding and plundering. The "Vikings" famously attacked settlements in the north of France and the British coastlines (often allying with the Celts against the Saxon tribes), but also pushed deep in Russia, through the Mediterranean where some served as the bodyguards of the Emperor of Byzantium and even across the Atlantic to found small settlements in Greenland and Newfoundland. While there victims may remember them differently, today's Scandanavians are proud of this roving history as we can see in the two souvenir magnets depicting their famous serpent-headetd vessels.

Collecting Danish Souvenirs

Our final member of the collection is an adorable image of a troll carrying a flag of Denmark. Long a part of Danish folklore, the trolls now are perennially popular themes in souvenirs from Denmark. These mythical creatures were believed to live in the woods and wild places of the countryside, and their interactions with humans were often disastrous as their pranks led to the destruction of homes, crops and herds. Today, trolls have taken on a lighter, more humorous air and appear in all sorts of children's stories, souvenirs and icons of the nation. For those who wish to know more about collecting Danish souvenirs, please visit our page on "souvenirs from Denmark."