An Attractive Range of Fridge Magnets Representing The Country Of Mexico

A popular tourist destination, Mexico was the tenth most visited country in the world in 2007. Its combination of sun and beaches, together with its world ranking of six for the number of World Heritage Sites, make it an interesting and diverse country to visit. Historically Mexico was conquered by Spain in 1521 and remained under Spanish rule until 1821; the Spanish influence in culture and architecture remains to this day. Another attraction of Mexico is nature. It is home to over 200,000 species, making it one of the World's eighteen megadiverse countries; those where the majority of species originate. Whatever the reason, Mexico is an attractive country which is represented in a range of fridge magnets in the catalogues at World Wide Gifts.

Acrylic And Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting San Miguel de Allende, Chichen Itza, And Saltillo In Mexico

Mexico is a culturally and geographically diverse country as represented on these attractive fridge magnets. Situated in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende was at risk of becoming a ghost town at the start of the twentieth century. But its buildings became inhabited by foreign artists and, more and more, artists and their students arrived in the town. The artistic, Bohemian, influence continued and during the 1960s there was a large hippie population. Today the urge to retain the town's historic architecture continues. The pyramids at Chichen Itza are famous the world over as a reminder of the Mayan Civilisation. These ruins of one of the largest Mayan cities are visited by approximately 1.2 million tourists per year. Saltillo is a city situated in the Chihuahuan desert but it does not have a particularly hot climate, summer days are slightly warm with nights being cool. The architecture of the Colonial Centre of the city is distinctive in the use of pink marble.

Acrylic And Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting Querétaro And San Luis Potosi In Mexico

Santiago de Querétaro is the capital of the Mexican state of Querétaro, in North-Central Mexico. At the time of the Spanish conquest the area contained only a handful of agricultural villages and was inhabited by semi nomadic people. The Spaniards concentrated on creating the capital city which to this day dominates life in the state. Santiago de Querétaro is a fast growing city, attracting migrants from other parts of the country to work in industries such as paper production, chemicals or machinery. Several large international corporations have bases in the city. Despite its modern success the city does not forget its past; the historic centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. San Luis Potosí is both a state and its capital in North-Central Mexico. They are both named after King Louis IVX of France, their patron saint. The main contributing industry to the region is mining with zinc, copper, lead, gold, silver, mercury, manganese, and arsenic all being extracted. Both of these areas feature on our attractive fridge magnets.