Israel is an amazing country full of rich history. Some of the oldest civilizations rose and fell in the surrounding area, and of course the Jewish people have a long and complicated history of their own. A trip to Israel and especially to Jerusalem merits getting not just any souvenir.

Souvenir Plates from Israel

Souvenir plates date from back when Europe was barely starting to make contact with Eastern Asia. China produced beautiful porcelain plates that Europeans had never seen before, and having one became associated with people who had either been to China or were able to buy a plate from someone else who had. As time has gone on, plates have become a tried and true souvenir, sold in many locations around the world. Their decoration has also gotten more specific to the locations they are sold at, with many plates portraying scenes or landscapes from the surrounding area. Since they are made of fine materials like porcelain and are decorated elegantly, they are the perfect souvenir to display in any room, unlike some plastic souvenirs that might clash with fancier décor.

Old Jerusalem, Israel Decorative Plate

Old Jerusalem is the core of the city of Jerusalem. It's a walled area within the city that used to be the whole city and therefore contains most of the important historical and cultural sites. Jerusalem is a central location for three major world religions, and the some of the most important places in each- the Temple Mount for Judaism, the Dome of the Rock for Islam, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for Christianity, are all within Old Jerusalem. Our plate portrays a wide view of this area of the city.

Tiberias Souvenir Plate

Tiberias is a city on the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Although nowhere near as well-known as Jerusalem, it's pleasant seaside feel and its famous hot springs make it a popular destination for many. Our plate shows a scene of the city from the harbor.

Western Wall Decorative Plate

The Western Wall is a famous religious and historical site. It marks a place where the Jews could worship while they were exiled from the city due to foreign occupation. Our ornate plate shows the Wall and the Temple Mount rising behind it.