An Assortment Of Fridge Magnets From Sweden More Of Which Can Be Seen At Souvenirs From Sweden

Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries, together with Denmark and Norway. Although now a peaceful country during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Sweden had a policy of expansion and, beginning during the reign of Gustavus Adolphus it seized many territories. This action saw Sweden grow from a relatively poor, lowly nation to one of the biggest in Europe. The last conflict the country was involved in was a campaign against Norway in 1814. Since then Sweden has avoided all wars. The majority of visitors to modern day Sweden come from neighbouring Norway and Denmark although tourism from countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom is also fairly popular. These tourists experience a climate which on the whole is more temperate than you might think, assisted by the Gulf Stream. That said your experience climatically depends on which part of the country you visit and when. The south has warm but not hot summers, and cool but not cold winters. The central region has warm to hot summers and cold to severely cold winters. The north of Sweden has long cold winters and short mild to cold summers. It is in the north that reindeer sleigh rides and cross country skiing are popular. Several aspects of the Swedish life and geography are captured on our collection of attractive resin fridge magnets.

A Variety Of Our Attractive Fridge Magnets Feature The Swedish Capital City Of Stockholm

Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden, and its capital. It has a population of approaching nine hundred thousand. Founded around 1250 Stockholm is situated on fourteen islands on Sweden's south-central east coast. It is the home of the Swedish parliament and Supreme Court as well as the official residences of both the monarch and the prime minister. Culturally Stockholm is popular with residents and tourists alike. It has over one hundred museums and two UNESCO World Heritage sites Drottningholm Palace (the private residence of the Royal Family), and Skogskyrkogården (the Woodland Cemetery). For those who are not interested in culture, or who want a change of pace the rides of Gröna Lund amusement park provide some fun. And if tourists need refreshment after seeing all the sights Stockholm has over one thousand international restaurants to try. Our resin fridge magnets portray the beautiful, cultural, city of Stockholm.

A Selection Of Our Fridge Magnets Featuring The Real And The Fabled Sweden

Trolls are an integral part of Scandinavian folklore. They are mostly unpleasant to look at as well as being hairy, stupid, and slow. An intelligent human could outwit a troll. The wealthy trolls lived in the mountains where they could stash their gold, whereas others lived under bridges, and at the bottom of lakes. Few trolls had troll wives and instead, it was said, they stole young maidens who were made to spin during the day and scratch the troll's head at night. The king of the trolls Dovregubben was said to live in the Dovre Mountains. Trolls do not sound like particularly loveable creatures so maybe it is a good thing they are said to change to stone in sunlight. Trolls may be part of folklore but Vikings were very real as they travelled in their longboats raiding and exploring territories from the late eighth to the mid eleventh century. These real and imagined figures are represented on our resin fridge magnets.

A Collection Of Attractive Fridge Magnets Depicting Swedish Nature and Culture

The Dala, or Dalecarlian, horse is a familiar figure in Swedish culture. It originated in the province of Dalarna where locals hand carved the wooden toy horse for their children. As the years went by it became an item of barter and a symbol for the region, and eventually for Sweden as a whole. There are several different styles of Dala Horse but the most common is sturdy and painted bright red, with a harness of white, blue, yellow, and green. Also depicted on our resin fridge magnets are the popular sports of snowboarding and alpine skiing. In the colder north of the country both Swedes and tourists alike participate regularly. Our magnets pay homage to the, shall we say romantic, life of the moose. The real life males seek several females for ‘romance' in September and October and fights often occur between males over the same female.

Attractive Fridge Magnets Featuring The Cities Of Sweden

These fridge magnets depict three of Sweden's cities. Stockholm is obviously the capital and it is the largest city. Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden and is situated in the southwest of the country. Previously it was a large industrial area and it struggled to adapt post the heavy industry age. Now, with the addition of a University, it is adopting a culture of learning, and the arts. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. It is a student city, being home to many who attend the university. It is also host both to a major film festival every January, and several music festivals in the summer months.