Souvenir plates are sophisticated mementos that can be proudly displayed in any room of the house. While plastic or even resin magnets would seem out of place in a luxurious dining room, a souvenir plate never will. And since you can put them in stands or mount them on the wall, they can be put in any room regardless of surface area, and you can easily place them out of danger from kids or pets. We have three new plates from Finland that we would love to tell you about!

A Souvenir Plate from Finland

Finland is a Scandinavian country with many amazing sights and traditions. While no one could fit them all in one small space, our souvenir plate from Finland certainly manages to portray a lot of them. The central map helps indicate where in the country each vista is located, and the images themselves show the country's beautiful architecture as well as its wilderness and coastal attractions. The plate even shows where the Arctic Circle crosses through Finland, marking the borders of the region of Lapland, which is famous for its reindeer and even claims to be the home of Santa Claus!

Finnish Decorative Plates

Finland contains a lot of untouched wilderness, but that doesn't mean its cities aren't remarkable in their own right. The crown jewel of Finish cities is the country's capital, Helsinki. This is the primary tourist spot in Finland, known for being a modern, global city with plenty to see and do. From gorgeous cathedrals to outdoor markets and festivals, from relaxing in a spa to boating along the city's coastline, Helsinki offers fun for everyone. Our Finnish decorative plate captures the spirit of Helsinki by showing several of its most famous buildings, as well as a typical outdoor market scene. With just a glance, you'll be able to relive all your fondest memories of the city.

A Plate from Lapland

Lapland is probably the best known region of Finland. It has worked hard to cultivate a particular image of its people, the famous reindeer herders who ride the reindeer and use every part of it as they live in harmony with nature. Due to its abundance of these animals, it has also gained prestige as the supposed home of Santa Claus, whose sleigh is pulled by eight of these deer. Whether you go for the fun and fantasy or simply to see these fascinating people, it is well worth it!