There is No Better Way to Celebrate a Spanish Holiday Than a Beautiful Decorative Plate

World Wide Gifts knows that decorative plates - with their level of detail, their three-dimensional images and their ease of display - are some of the finest souvenirs available. However, sometimes, on a long journey plates are simply too heavy or too fragile to warrant purchase. World Wide Gifts solves this dilemma by offering a wide selection of souvenir plates for home delivery. This already impressive collection is expanding today with the addition to our catalog of twenty-eight new Spanish souvenir plates.

Feel free to browse the new selections below as they have been separated by region to ease your search. We start in the northeast, in Barcelona, the down the Costa Brava, out into the Mediterranean to visit the Balearic Islands before returning to Andalusia (including Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada), Madrid and the cities of Castilla - Toledo, Salamanca and Segovia.

Barcelona is One of Spain's Most Popular Destinations

Located on Spain's northwest Mediterranean shore, Barcelona is the nation's number two city, but has captured the hearts of millions due to its vibrant Catalan culture, striking architecture and love of modern art and culture. If you are one of those who left their heart on the Ramblas, or dream of the city of Dali and Miro, then World Wide Gifts has four new decorative plates depicting scenes from the city. The first features the city's two great churches (the Cathedral and the Sagrada Familia Basilica) with the statue of Colombus in the center, and major sites around the edge including Las Ramblas, the Montjuic Museum Complex and works by Gaudi. The second has a similar layout, but features a different set of primarily newer buildings, such as the Torre Agbar and the stadium Nou Camp. The third and fourth have looser formats, with the buildings incorporated into a single image. The third is put before a rising sun and the fourth has a warm, glowing background.

The Works of Antoni Gaudi, Spain's Greatest Architect, Gets the Star Treatment on These Souvenir Plates

Few architects can be said to have simultaneously redefined their home cityscape and transformed international architectual design, but Barcelona's Antoni Gaudi did both. These two souvenir plates feature not only Gaudi's buildings, but the spirit of his design to create truly beautiful pieces perfect for your collection. The first shows Gaudi's great masterpiece, the unfinished Sagrada Familia basilica and the second depicts his ever-popular foray into landscape planning in the form of the Parc Guell and the chimneys of the Pedrera Building. Both works incorporate Gaudi's signature Trencadí technique, which used broken tiles on surfaces to create unique designs and textures.

The Dramatic Shores of the Costa Brava Make Great Scenes for Decorative Plates

Between Barcelona and Valencia on Spain's Mediterranean Coast lies an area called the Costa Brava, the "Brave Coast," so named because of its rugged, dramatic shores. Blessed with warm sun and natural beauty, the region has become a center for tourism, especially from Northern European sun-seekers. These three decorative plates feature this landscape and especially the charming towns that make up the region. The first and second have similar designs, featuring a map at their center surrounded by prominent locales including the Platja D'Aro, Lloret de Mar, Empuria Brava, and others. The first is twenty two inches in diameter (thus affording more detail) and the second, a more traditional fourteen inches in diameter. The third plate shows a small coastal town and a sample of the rocky coast that makes the region so famous. Any of these selections will help you remember your trip to one of Spain's most breathtaking areas - or perhaps inspire a future visit.

While You May Come to the Costa Brava for the Sun, it is the Charming Towns That Will Make You Never Want to Leave

While some travelers may explore up and down the Costa Brava, others enjoy exploring in detail one of the region's towns. These four souvenir plates show scenes not from the coast as a whole but from a specific community, either the towns of Lloret de Mar or Salou. The first two places depict Lloret de Mar. The first is a broad 22 cm in diameter and has a traditional design with the town's famous castle in the center panel and popular destinations like the Platja (town beach), Font (fountain), and Passeig (boardwalk) around it. The second is smaller, at 12 cm but has a built-in undetachable stand. It depicts the castle of Lloret de Mar, perched on its rocky seat overlooking the sea. The third and fourth plates depict scenes from Lloret's more rambunctious neighbor: Salou. The first is 20 cm in diameter and divided into panels, with a scene of the waterfront int he center surrounding by images that include the Dragon Khan roller coaster, the Fuente Luminosa (Illuminated Fountain) and the Monumento al Pescador (Fisherman's Monument).

With These Plates One Feels The Spirit of the Balearic Islands

Off of Spain's eastern coast, set in the blue Mediterranean are the Balearic Islands, the last remnant of the nation's once great eastern Empire. The people hear are descendents of the Catalans of Catalonia and Barcelona and still speak the same Catalan language, but with its own lilt. The first plate is from Ibiza, the smallest of the major islands. It depicts a scene from Ibiza Town, the largest settlement, with its scenic harbor, white-washed buildings and, above it all, the tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria d'Eivissa. The second plate is from the largest is the islands, Mallorca. In the center is the Cathedral of the largest town, Palma de Mallorca - a sprawling building which was redecorated in the early 20th century by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Around the edge of the plate are images of other locations on the island: the Castle of Bellver, the Arenal Beach and a map of the island itself.

Regal Madrid Shows Off Its Finer Points on These Plates

High on the Meseta of central Spain is the capital city of Madrid. An early example of a planned capital, the city was built to be a fitting center for what was at that time the world's greatest empire. Today's Madrid inherits that grandeur, which is evident in the design of these three decorative plates. The first plate features a classic design: in the center the statue of the Roman Goddess Cybele (Cibeles in Spanish) which serves as an emblem for the city's most famous football team: Real Madrid. Around it are other prominent buildings and monuments. The second plate depicts the city's palaces and monuments in a single pastiche set on a lovely sky-colored background. The third has a similar style, with Cybele's dramatic lions taking center-stage. The three-dimensional nature of these images helps to bring out their beauty and highlight the small details that might be lost on other styles of souvenir.

Seville and the Andalusian Costa del Sol Grace These Plates

These souvenir plates show of the variety and beauty available to the visitor to the Spanish region of Andalucia. The first plate depicts the Andalusian capital of Seville ("Sevilla" in Spanish). Ten centimeters in diameter with an undetachable base, this is a simple and elegant reminder of a trip to Spain's green south, with an image of Seville's famous cathedral on it. The second is a wider plate at 17 cm in diameter and shows a pastiche of several famous Seville sights, including the Tower of Gold, where the galleons from the New Work disembarked their stolen Aztec and Incan riches. But all is not antiquity and elegant beauty in Andalucia, as our third plate shows off the scenes from one of Spain's most popular destination: the Costa del Sol - the Sun Coast. The images here depict the beaches, modern buildings and contemporary art. On the Costa del Sol you can enjoy the freewheeling, sun-loving culture of modern Spain.

The Andalusian Cities of Cordoba and Granada Give Us Beautiful Scenes

The cities of Andalusia are remarkable for their beauty, and history, both of which are tied to their origins as Muslim Moorish settlements. These three souvenir plates depict two of Southern Spain's gems: the cities of Cordoba and Granada. The first image is a of decorative plate from Cordoba. In the center is an image from inside the Mosque of Cordoba (today a Cathedral), whose forest of candy-cane striped columns make for one of the most beautiful houses of worship in the world. Around the edge are the other major sights of the city, including the "Calle del Flores" (the "Street of Flowers") and the "Torre del Catedral" (the "Cathedral Tower"). The remaining two souvenir plates are from Granada, the pearl of Andalusia. At the heart of this city -but rising on a hill above it - is the Alhambra, the palace of Sultan. The first plate features images from within this palace: the Patio of Lions at the center, gardens and other sites around it. The second shows the outline of the palace, with the mountains behind and below it, an image of the central plaza, the Patio. There are few buildings in the world to match the elegance of the Alhambra and this plate captures some of the magic.

Castilla and Leon, the Heart of Spain, Are Featured In These Plates

The high, cold, dry plains of the Spanish Meseta are the home of much of what we consider to be Spanish today: bullfighting, Don Quixote, and the Spanish language itself. This is a harsh land, dotted with castles (hence the "Castilla") and is the birthplace of the great Conquistadores of the Americas - especially from the region of Extremadura. World Wide Gifts is proud to release a collection of souvenir plates showing the most beautiful and memorable of this land.

The first two plates depict the city of Toledo. As fitting the ancient capital of Castilla, this plate depicts the city's impressive fortifications but features in its center the city's Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo. The second shows the the cityscape at dusk, including not only the Cathedral but also the impressive Alcazar (it's central stronghold) and the river that guards the city's flanks and made it an impressive stronghold.

The next three plates show scenes from the outlying cities of the central Meseta: Salamanca and Segovia. The first is of Salamanca, an ancient city in Castillas northeast. It is best known for its ancient University, (third oldest in the Western world), founded in 1218. The first plate is a collection of the city's finest buildings gathered into a single image, including the University in the foreground and the Cathedral behind it. The second place from Salamanca has a similar image featuring the famed University, but in a smaller size, a 13 cm in diameter (as opposed to 17 in the larger version). The final plate of this collection is from the city of Segovia, a city closer to the center of Castilla. while Segovia has its share of beautiful churches (including a fine Cathedral) and an Alcazar, by far the most important location in the city is front and center on this souvenir plate: the Aqueduct of Segovia. This incredible structure was built by the Romans and even today proudly cuts through the center of the city.