New Line of Original Keychains From the USA

This new line of original keychains from the USA features images from cities from the American west coast: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas. Read on to learn more about these distinctive designs and souvenirs from the USA.

Never be Far From Your Memories with These All-American Key Rings

From the Golden State's (California) beaches to the Seattle Space Needle, America's Pacific Coast has much to offer visitors and residents alike. Each item in this collection of keyrings has a distinctive design which evokes memories from your travel: they are in the shapes of poker chips, electric guitars, cityscapes and, perhaps most delightfully, a whimsical San Francisco cable car.

Collecting Souvenirs from the USA

For those who want to know more about collecting souvenirs from the USA (whether key chains, magnets, t-shirts or other items), please follow the link to the article on the subject. With its great diversity of cities, landscapes and sites, the United States is a goldmine for the souvenir collector. Some popular themes for collections include items, especially magnets, from all 50 states (see our collections of state flags and state seals) and depictions of great American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Washington Monument.

The Hollywood Peace Guitar from Los Angeles, California

Home of the American film industry, Los Angeles is one of the nation's great tourist destinations. This keychain captures the city's freewheeling spirit and glamor. The electric guitar invokes the All-American rock n' roll, especially L.A. bands like Jim Morrison and the Doors and Janis Joplin. The design's call for "Peace" evokes the spirit of these rebellious rockers, who opposed not only the war in Vietnam, but sought to create a new culture based around peace, love and freedom.

A San Francisco (California) Cable Car in Bronze

This distinctive bronze keychain is in the form of one of San Francisco's famous cable cars. Traveling up and down the city's steep hills, this is the world's last functioning cable car system and the world's only mobile national monument! They are particularly popular today with tourists seeking spectacular views of the city and unique souvenirs.

Oval Flashlight from Seattle, Washington

This keychain, with a built-in flashlight, depicts the cityscape of Seattle, Washington. A beautiful, artistic city on the Puget Sound, Seattle combines a unique artistic scene (home of "Grunge" rock bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains), high tech industry and close proximity to the gorgeous Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. This keychain features the city's famous Space Needle, the Sound and the peaks in a classy, durable design.

$5000 Dollars Lucky Casino Chip from Las Vegas, Nevada

Nothing says "Las Vegas" like the grand casinos of the "Strip," and nothing is more indicative of that world than the casino chip. Each casino has its own style, which serve many roles: keeping money off of the tables, making bets easier to count, and, of course, encouraging gamblers to spend more! With this keychain in the shape of a $5,000 chip you can capture some of the excitement of the high stakes table without risking your own shirt.