UPDATE: Since our store is now open the offer is no longer valid! All customers who registered before July, 03, 2013 will recieve these magnets with the first order.

Special Limited Time Offer: Six Magnets for Free!

Many of our customers have written to us in the last few weeks, interested in ordering from our website. Unfortunately, at this time, the site is still under construction. However, we are strong believers that "the early bird gets the worm" and want to encourage and thank these interested parties. We have decided to send a set of six fridge magnets free with the first order for anyone who creates an account (including those who have already done so!) before the opening of our online shop! Your magnet collection will be sent along with your purchase after our grand opening, currently set for July 7th, 2013.

Special Offer!

This Collection of Magnets Depicts Some of the Best the World Has to Offer

This beautiful set of six magnets contains images from all of the inhabited continents, featuring some of the most stunning places from around the globe. The magnets are made of flexible vinyl, 9.5 x 6.9 cm (3.75 x 2.7 inches) in size and will resemble small colorful magnetic postcards. This set is being made exclusively for this offer and these images will not be available for sale.

The first image is from North America and shows one of the United State's great national gems: the Grand Canyon. Formed by the Colorado River carving away at the red rocks of the southwestern desert, the Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking places on the globe. .

The second image is the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu, the former palace of the Incan Emperors located in modern-day Peru. Machu Picchu clings to the ridgeline in all of its ruined glories and is a place to appreciate the brilliance of our ancestors. .

The third magnet is from the tiny Asian island nation of the Maldives: the Maldives are warmed by the tropical sun and kissed by the salt breezes from the Indian Ocean and are a famed place to kick back and relax in a spectacular paradise island.

We move to across the Atlantic to Europe in the fourth magnet with an image from the ancient European city of Venice. The "Queen of the Adriatic," Venice is known the world over for being car free - traffic is instead found on the city's numerous canals, especially the theme from this magnet: the Grand Canal. .

For our fifth magnet we head over to the cradle of humanity: Africa. This image is from South Africa, showing the dramatic landscapes around the beautiful city of Cape Town at night with a sky full of stars. .

Finally, with our sixth magnet, we head east to Oceania and receive a glimpse of the Earth's fire power at the geysers of New Zealand's Rotorua Valley. Located on the North Island, Rotorua has numerous hot mud pools and geysers including the spectacular Pohutu Geyser.

The Details of the Offer

This offer is valid to all customers who register an account before the online store is fully operational. The six magnet set will be sent along with the customers' first order (of any product) and can be redeemed any time between the date of the opening of the online shop and December 31st, 2013. No specific actions are needed to trigger this offer - it will be automatically added to the first order. You do not need to add it to your cart, check any boxes or send us a message - only create an account before opening day. Magnets will be mailed after the official grand opening, currently set at July 7th, 2013, but a delay of one to two weeks may occur due to potential heavy demand.