Magnets are a popular souvenir for anyone and any trip! You can carry them home without worrying about taking up too much space in your luggage. They're also easy to collect, since you can find them just about anywhere! Magnets come in many cute designs, so you can find the one that suits your style the best and perfectly sums up your trip.

Fridge Magnets from Finland

Finland is a beautiful country full of pristine wilderness, with evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains. One way to sum up your Finland experience is through magnets that depict the country itself, either physically as a map or symbolically through its flag. Our beautiful metal fridge magnets from Finland portray the land in both ways and make wonderful displays of your vacation for your home and fridge.

Souvenirs from Finland

The Finnish themselves call Finland Suomi. In addition to the beautiful forests and mountains, Finland also has a lot of natural coastline, including in its capitol city, Helsinki. Helsinki also has lots of manmade marvels, from fun festivals to towering cathedrals. You can enjoy your vacation just as thoroughly in the city as you can on more untouched shoreline, and our souvenirs from Finland reflect both. Wherever in Finland you went, you can find a resin or metal magnet on our site that reflects your personal experiences and memories of Finland.

Finnish Wildlife

With so much pristine wilderness, Finland does have its share of wildlife, even with its frigid climate. One of the animals that survives best in Finland is different types of deer, including moose or elk. The area is famous for herd of these animals. In addition, there is a lot of fantasy wildlife, with fabled creatures that live in the largely uninhabited mountains. Among the most famous of these, particularly in Finland and other Scandinavian countries, is the troll. It was once a fearsome legend, but has now become more of a mascot.

Places in Finland

There are many fun places to go in Finland. You can find cabins on the long, gorgeous coastline, or pamper yourself in traditional Finnish saunas. If you want to focus on culture and history, you can go to the Aland islands, an autonomous section of Finland that has been completely demilitarized. Wherever you end up, we have you covered for souvenirs!