Magnets are a great souvenir, no matter what your destination! They are small and easy to transport without worrying about breaking or extra weight in your luggage- the only packing concern is to not put them too close to your electronics, which is easy. They're also really easy to display when you get home, since they are able to just be put right on your fridge. You can also get magnets in just about any destination, so you can build quite a collection from different destinations. Also, since magnets come in many cute designs in any place, you can find quite a variety to choose from, so you can pick the magnet that best sums up your personal experiences in a place or that fits with your kitchen or collection the best. No matter where you go or what activities you do there, there will be a cute, fun, or ornate magnet that is the perfect memento of your trip.

Fridge Magnets from Israel

We currently have a great collection of fridge magnets for anyone who makes a trip to Israel and especially to Jerusalem. Whatever sights or cultural activities you enjoy during your stay, one of our premium quality resin fridge magnets will make an excellent souvenir. Our magnets are well made and will serve as great reminders of your journey for years to come. They also make excellent gifts for friends or family who couldn't join you on your trip to Israel, or simply for someone who is enthused about the culture or history of Israel and hopes to make their own trip there someday. Whether the magnets portray famous landmarks or symbols of Jewish heritage, they are all excellent souvenirs. Use this article to get an idea of the different types of fridge magnets we have available from Israel, including images, or go to our catalogue to get individual summaries or to order.

Israel Kitchen Magnets

One type of magnet we have is a souvenir to show your love of your whole experience, whether it be of the city of Jerusalem or the whole nation of Israel. We have two magnets with the slogan “I Love Israel” on them and which include the flag of the country as well as images of some typical buildings of the country. We also have a few different magnets that show general views of the beautiful and historic city of Jerusalem. If you spend a lot of time in the country and can't pick only one special memory, these magnets are great for you.

The Jerusalem Kotel

The Kotel is also known as the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall. It is a wall of the old temple at Jerusalem, which existed thousands of years ago. The Kotel itself was started as part of an expansion project and was finished in the first century C.E. It became an important site for Jews, especially after Jerusalem was mostly destroyed by the Romans. For a long time, Jews were only allowed in the city once a year, and the Kotel was where they worshipped and mourned for their lost culture. It is an extremely important religious and historical site.

The Tower of David

The Tower of David is another important historical and archaeological site in Old Jerusalem. It's a fortification that was added to defend the city and was destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout history as different forces invaded and took over the city. Since it dates back to the second century B.C.E., it contains many important artifacts to help historians understand that time period. It is a grand structure that is truly impressive and worth visiting. Our metal and resin magnets capture the tower's likeness perfectly and make great souvenirs or gifts for anyone.

Fiddler on the Roof

This classic musical shows a lot of facets of Jewish culture, so it would be something that would naturally come to mind during a trip to Israel. Although it shows Jewish families in a very different location from Israel, it still reveals a lot about the history and primary religion of the nation. Our site has several souvenirs that show scenes and icons from Fiddler on the Roof. Not only could you get them a souvenirs from Israel, but also a souvenirs from seeing a production of the show, or as a great gift for someone who really loves it.

Music and Dance

Music is a big part of Hebraic culture. The nation has many traditional folk dances, and contemporary music in Israel builds on influences from many different countries. Wherever you stay in Israel, you should ensure that you get to see live concerts or dances of some sort. Several of our magnets represent this theme and could be great souvenirs of performances you get to see on your trip. You can select resin or metal magnets of Jewish dancers in traditional folk costume or of musicians playing the cello or the saxophone, representing the country's large classical and jazz music scenes, respectively.

Jewish Symbols and Traditions

One of the best parts of visiting a foreign country is experiencing different customs and learning about various symbols and artifacts that are important to this new culture. Our magnets exemplify this exchange of knowledge and traditions by portraying three unique items or traditions- the hamsa, the kleimzer, and the menorah. Most Americans know about the menorah, a special candle holder, because it is part of the Hannukah celebration which is often held by American Jews. However, the hamsa, a Middle-Eastern symbol to ward off evil, and the traditional band style of the kleimzer, are less well known, and can be fascinating to learn about and to have in your fridge.