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06 May 06 May 2021: We are proud to announce the best new resin fridge magnet collection “People of the World”
Raccoon Pedro 1 6382
We are starting a new collection of resin fridge magnets/figurines depicting people wearing national clothes as well as famous persons or characters specific to different countries or places. Today there is the first batch of them, including more than ten different designs. So, meet people from Italy, Japan, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Georgia, Brazil,..
06 Mar 06 Mar 2021: Now we sell also cotton tote bags (also known as shopper bags) from different countries of the World
Raccoon Pedro 92 4562
We are enormously proud to announce another new product line of souvenirs - cotton tote bags (also known as shopper bags) depicting different countries and cities. There are twenty-two new designs from Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United King..
06 Mar 06 Mar 2021: Welcome to Turkey! Souvenir fridge magnets (resin and metal ones) as well as one decorative bell are in stock
Raccoon Pedro 3 3755
Today we got some rare resin and metal souvenir fridge magnets from Turkey. Lots of cities and attractions. For example, there are lots of magnets from Istanbul (Maiden's Tower AKA Kız Kulesi, Galata Tower, Aya Sofia, Sultanahmet), Bodrum, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz… All Turkish souvenirs are sold on this webpage...
12 Feb 12 Feb 2021: Twenty-seven different souvenirs from the Netherlands (Holland). Resin fridge magnets, pins, metal magnets including bottle openers, nice kitchen sets
Raccoon Pedro 1 3756
There are twenty-seven different new souvenirs from the Netherlands (Holland) in our stock. Among them there are resin and metal fridge magnets (including bottle openers), pins, and nice things for kitchen – towels, mitts, potholders, and aprons. Ready to buy Dutch souvenirs? Visit this page...
15 Jan 15 Jan 2021: High quality resin fridge magnets from Poland have just arrived. Magnets from all main tourist attractions
Raccoon Pedro 2 3763
There are 36 new resin magnets for your refrigerator in our stock. Just arrived from Poland. Now we have souvenir magnets from all main cities & attractions of Poland. Buy Polish souvenirs on this page...
21 Dec 21 Dec 2020: We run a new series of souvenirs: linen kitchen towels and potholders from different countries
Raccoon Pedro 0 1985
We are glad to announce brand new products for our store – linen kitchen towels and potholders. They are not just souvenirs, but also useful and nice gifts for you and people you love. The towels are 70 x 50 cm (quite large, eh?), potholders – 20 x 20 cm. Welcome to All for the kitchen section to see them all...
13 Nov Souvenirs from France: travelling with World Wide Gifts
Raccoon Pedro 0 6452
Souvenirs from France There are 39 historical regions (provinces) in France. Each has its own character, but everyone has a common zest for life. For a tourist, this means that a variety of French souvenirs can be purchased almost endlessly. Here is a temptation that is so pleasant to succumb to; in fact, compared to haute couture clothes or a box ..
12 Nov My magnets and our story. Alberto Lira from Italy
Raccoon Pedro 0 4036
My name is Alberto, and yes, I am not Italian, I am Mexican, but oh yeah, I have learned to love many things of Italy since I moved here several years ago, one of them: “Fridge Magnets!”. In Mexico, we like to get some souvenirs when we travel for vacations or when we have a very fantastic destination and we want to get a good memory, but in I..
07 Nov 05 Nov 2020: New Souvenirs from Greece: resin magnets, keychains, collectible houses and textile for kitchen
07 Nov Why do you like refrigerator magnets? The story of Fiorenza Gattavara
Raccoon Pedro 1 4691
Why do you like refrigerator magnets? The story of Fiorenza Gattavara. Collecting objects is an almost obsolete hobby, but in every house, there is something that is still collected automatically and collaboratively: fridge magnets. No house is immune to this reality; in all of them there is at least one magnet attached to the refrigerator. There ..
07 Sep 07 Sep 2020: Some magnets and collectibles buildings from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Ukraine!
Raccoon Pedro 0 1008
07 Sep 2020: Some magnets and collectibles buildings from Finland, Sweden and Denmark, as well as lot of great resin magnets from Ukraine!..
10 Aug 10 Aug 2020: New kitchen towels and iron-on patches in our store!
Raccoon Pedro 0 1137
10 Aug 2020: New kitchen towels and iron-on patches in our store! There are four very nice towels (linen & cotton) as well as two iron-on embroidered patches! Welcome!..
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