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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of Ancient Yerevan Exhibited on this acrylic fridge magnet is a shot of the ancient Yerevan. Yerevan is, both, the largest and capital city of Armenia. Located along the Hrazdan River, the city is the cultural, industrial and administrative hub of Armenia. Yerevan has served as..
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Souvenirs from Armenia

Souvenirs from the Republic of Armenia reflect the combination of European and Asian influences found in the country. The Evil Eye, a glass disk or bead made to resemble an eye, is believed to force evil spirits and curses to run from the wearer. You can find them made into every kind of jewelry, from earrings to pins, bracelets to necklaces, and fused into glass objects, such as plates, vases and wall decor. Quilled pictures, created from coiling a strip of paper, shaping it, and then gluing it to form a design, are a beautiful art form, and very unique. If you are looking for a lovely present for a woman, cameos are produced in Armenia, and can be found set into pendants or frames. Other Armenian souvenirs include handmade dolls in traditional outfits, knitted bags with geometric prints, and pottery pieces. T-shirts, magnets, key chains and post cards are easily available.

Sports in Armenia

Armenians enjoy a wide variety of sports, and outdoor activities for its citizens, and has gained international recognition in many of them. For many decades, Armenia participated in the Olympics as a part of the USSR team. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it has since represented itself in the Olympics. Football, or soccer, has seen many Olympic medals and world championships for the country, while wrestling is another successful sport. Kokh, traditional Armenian wrestling, was an influence on Soviet combat sports. The more cerebral world of chess has also been conquered by the Armenians, producing several chess champions. Other sports practiced include weightlifting, judo, boxing and skiing. In order to produce more champions, Armenia has devoted more of its budget to sports programs and rebuilding closed sports schools. In fact, to sweeten the pot, the Armenian government has promised substantial cash prizes to the next Armenians who become Olympic gold medalists.

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