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Antarctica Souvenirs

Though there are no gift shops or souvenir stands in the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, where eternal ice and snow rule and the only human habitations are a few scattered scientific bases, that is no reason to give up on collecting Antarctica souvenirs when you can buy them readily through our website. Souvenirs from this remote, frozen continent are so unusual that you will feel truly adventurous displaying them in the form of fridge magnets, plates, or t-shirts.

Some people may even ask you when you visited Antarctica, and what it was like there! Depending on your personality, you may want to tell the truth - or embroider a "tall tale" for the entertainment of your visitors, perhaps with a sly wink to tell them that despite the Antarctica plates gleaming in a row on the shelf behind you, it is just possible that you may be exaggerating the truth a bit in your description.

Themes of Antarctica Souvenirs

Antarctica does not have a huge number of famous land features, and human structures are limited to a few scientific colonies established to study the inhospitable reaches of this expanse of snow, ice, and bitterly frozen rock.

Souvenirs relating to this area of the globe are likely to focus on penguins, which live at the warmer extremities of the continent's edge where these birds can dive in the sea for fish, or the icebergs that are calved from the glaciers which crawl from the inland mountains to the sea.

The images of remote bases where scientific study is carried on also appear on some Antarctica souvenirs. Unless you are an enthusiast for extreme tourism, it is unlikely you will ever visit this remote and intensely cold, utterly empty land. Nevertheless, its stark beauty and alien, timeless, mysterious vastness are evocative and make a good subject for everything from fridge magnets to t-shirts - a reminder of how varied the habitats and terrains found on our globe can be.

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