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Anguilla is not a bad place to unwind, it receives more than its fair share of cool winds which meet the paradise-like setting to give you a hell of a vacation setting. Many couples make a romantic weekend out of Anguilla. It is not a bad place to think about as a home away from home, with its beaut..
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A Pearl in the Caribbean Anguilla is nestled in the Caribbean amongst many tropical islands people dream about, however, it is one in a million. As a matter of fact, its coral reefs and beaches are very important topics of study. You can go snorkeling and feel as though you are beholding the beauty ..
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Souvenirs from Anguilla

Anguilla is a tropical paradise, with ocean breezes to entice you into the waters. Fittingly, Anguillian souvenirs will bring to mind those lazy days with their beachy appeal. Seashells are always a popular item to pick up in island destinations, and can be used as home decor or jewelry. You will be able to find rows of prestrung small shells that will add the right amount of flair to light sundresses purchased from street vendors. Ceramics and pottery made by local artisans are great souvenirs from Anguilla, as well as the unique stamps printed in flamboyant colors. Naturally, you'll want to carry the memory of warm sand with you, wherever you may go. One of the best ways to do this is with a commemorative keychain to remind you of sunny days as you run your errands. Post cards and magnets are ideal ways to bring a tropical punch into your work settings.

Activities on Anguilla

Currently a British Territory, Anguilla is part of the Leeward Islands and offers perfect weather year-round for your favorite outdoor activities. You can enjoy golfing on course designed by a golf pro to take advantage of the trade winds and natural landscape, or spend a morning horseback riding on the beach. Another exotic experience would be taking a swim on horseback, enjoying the warm waters while your equine companion does the work. Prefer to keep your feet dry? Enjoy a game of tennis at one of the many courts, and take a lesson from a tennis instructor. Although the island is small, the narrowness of Anguilla means you can see both sides of the coast as you hike or mountain bike through the wilds. It is a short boat ride to nearby islands, including St. Martin. Make a day trip out of it, and visit the sights there, including the St. Martin zoo and its parrot display.

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