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Souvenirs from Angola

The Republic of Angola offers a unique experience to its visitors, moving to beat of their music, quickly and freely. Brightly colored, these Angolan souvenirs will bring you back to the busy streets and markets that you visited. Clay pottery, made into vases and dinner sets, will make a statement on your dining table, while sculptures made from large chunks of malachite with provide drama to any room. Tribal masks, weapon, and drums are a fantastic way to gain a deep appreciation of the culture, while supporting their artisans. Post cards, figural key chains, and picture refrigerator magnets will help you share your vacation memories and are wonderful souvenirs from Angola. You may also wish to purchase trade beads, necklaces of precious stones, beautifully woven rugs and tapestries, textiles, and baskets as a special memento for loved ones. No matter what you choose, you will always remember your time spent here.

Angola Parks and Recreations

Spending time in the wild is the hallmark of an Angolan vacation, and you will enjoy the views at Kissama National Park. Full of giraffes, rhinos, boars, big cats and all the animals you've seen on TV, you can arrange to spend the night in a cabin, or camp on site, to fully appreciate the experience. The Kalandula Waterfalls are another impressive sight, especially when they are engorged with water from the rainy season. Care to do some fishing? Palmeirinhas is a deserted beach with spectacular views and plenty of game to catch. Swimming is slightly dangerous here, but you can visit the Santiago beach for some casual bathing. If you are seeking a more sophisticated stretch of land, Ilha do Massula has white sandy beaches, and plenty or bars and cafes to enjoy a tasty bite to eat or a cool beverage while the sun sets into the ocean.

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