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American Samoa

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Souvenirs from American Samoa

Tropical and inviting, American Samoa seduces visitors with bright colors and beautiful scents. You can take the sensations home with you, with Samoan souvenirs that reflect the dreams and experiences of a vacation. Beautiful sarongs decorated with tribal prints can be worn as skirts, dresses or scarves. Pair this with a piece of pearl jewelry, harvested from the lagoons, or a seashell necklace for a perfect costume. Tapa cloth items, such as bags, books, and pieces of art, are created from mulberry tree bark and are unique to the Pacific Islands. Highly scented perfumes bearing the oils of tiare and vanilla flowers are a lovely addition to any cosmetic bag, in addition to beauty treatments made from crushed sea shells. The ili is a personal sized fan used to by the islanders, and will be helpful in keeping your cool. T-shirts, post cards, fridge magnets and key chains are perfect souvenirs from American Samoa, to continue your vacation at work or while running errands back home.

Sports in American Samoa

Sports are quite popular in American Samoa, and there are many opportunities to catch a game, or participate. American football is quite popular and, in fact, over 30 Samoans currently play in the National Football League. The American Samoan Rugby league is quite respected and has played in many competitions. Soccer is a fledgling sport on the island, and the Samoans are still finding their way in the league. They do have the distinction of having the first transgendered player. Samoans also do very well in the physical combat sports, such as kickboxing, sumo and boxing. Wrestling has many Samoan fighters, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Samoa Joe. Although it has a smaller population, American Samoa has a significant amount of professional players who have achieved high honors. Other spectator sports you can enjoy are volleyball, cricket, baseball and basketball. You may just get to see a superstar at his start.

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