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Souvenirs from People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is a bargain shopper's paradise. Finely produced traditional handicrafts vary from clothing to musical instruments, and reflect the history and culture of this land. Tooled leather items, such as belts, wallets, bags, shoes and clothing, are of an excellent quality, and beautifully sewn dresses are a way to bring your exotic memories home with you. Other Algerian souvenirs are hand woven rugs, dyed baskets, and brightly colored glass ware. Inlaid furniture may need to be shipped, but you should be able to make room for primitive pottery, small sculptures, copper trays and silver boxes of kohl, a cosmetic used to enhance the eyes, in your luggage. Lutes, an ancient wind instrument, and jewelry, based on lavish designs worn for millennia, are both artistic and historical memorabilia. Of course, lanyards and key chains featuring slogans, photo postcards and T-shirts of famous landmarks are always ideal souvenirs from Algeria.

Algeria: Places of Interest

Ancient ruins are the largest tourist draw for Algeria. Remnants from three of the world's major empires, Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine, all can be found within its borders. Spread throughout the country, they provide a step back in time to these mighty powers. The Sahara desert offers unique cultural and environmental experiences, including mountains, dune fields, and rock carvings at Djelfa. Mozabite tribes centered in the M'zab Valley live with a series of walled cities, each built around an oasis. These cities contain stunning architecture of historical significance. If you seek a dip in the ocean, Algeria's Mediterranean beaches are beautiful, but most are underdeveloped. Sidi Fredj, Annaba, Skikda and Oran each have modern facilities to meet the needs of visitors. Algiers is the country's capital, and contains many sites of interest, including the Casbah, the historic center. Other cities of interest are Constantine, Tlemcen and Oran, the second largest city in Algeria.

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