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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of the Albanian Flag Albania is one of the most peculiar countries of the world because of its both history and culture. Amongst the Balkan countries, Albania has gained special attention from tourists due to the fact that it offers a wide range of fascinating attractions from ..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet Depicting the Albanian Coat of Arms Albania is a place of special interest for people curious to peek into ancient civilizations and cultures. Located at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, you will find an amalgam of Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Illyrian archeological..
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Tirana City View on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Displayed on the fridge magnet is a view of the largest and capital city of Albania- Tirana. The modern Tirana was started off as a small town during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in 1614. It was founded by Sulejman Bargini who was a ruler from Mullet. Tir..
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Souvenirs from Albania

Souvenirs from Albania are a requisite purchase for visitors to this remarkable country. One of the most famous art forms is iconography, dating back to the Byzantine Empire, of saints and other religious figures. If an antique icon is out of your price range, you'll find them on posters, postcards, stickers, refrigerator magnets and T-shirts, perfect for gifts. A key chain with a namesake saint on it would be an ideal present for a special young person. There are many other artisanal crafts in this country that would make perfect Albanian souvenirs. A woven rug for the bedroom, a carved alabaster statue, or a hand thrown piece of pottery on the dining room table are elegant ways to bring your vacation home with you. If you wish for something more personal, try a piece of delicate filigree jewelry to accent your favorite outfit, or a scarf made from hand-woven fabric.

Festivals in Albania

Festivals are a great way to experience the delights of any country you visit, and to enjoy the company of its residents. Albania offers many fun and unique festivals throughout the year, including the National Festival of Folklore. This celebration of traditional storytelling is held every four years at Gjirokastra Castle, and has participants from all over the world. The National Festival of Urban Folk Songs every March showcases the talents of Albanian musicians as they remake national songs using new instruments and modern sensibilities. For those seeking a truly national sound, the National Festival of Rhapsodists and Folk Instrument Players is a gatherin of musicians who play the sharki, lahuts and cifteli. Despite the name, the National Festival of Folk Instruments is a popular event for book promotions and historical seminars. The International Festival Multicultural Permet is a government festival that promotes the minority dialects and ethnic heritages in Albania.

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