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Aland Islands

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Acrylic Fridge Magnet showing Sailing Boot in Mariehamn A serene view of a boat sailing in the sea is displayed on this acrylic fridge magnet. You can see the words Mariehamn and Aland Islands written on the magnet as well. Mariehamn is the capital of Aland; the latter is an autonomous region in Fin..
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Souvenirs from the Aland Islands

The Aland Islands are an autonomous region of Finland, located in the Baltic Sea, where people go to enjoy a relaxing stay, away from the everyday. Alandic souvenirs are a culmination of traditional techniques applied to new materials, creating unique sensibilities. Wood carvings of natural themes are quite popular, made with slightly abstract themes. Leather goods, such as sculptural handbags, soft jackets, and practical belts, are another interesting purchase, perfect for use on your vacation and long afterwards. There is also a small cottage clothing industry, producing clothing and knitted items for purchase. Glassblowers invite people into their workshops to see how the fragile works of art are created, and to commission custom works for their perfect souvenir from the Aland Islands. Handcrafted jewelry is another popular industry on the islands, made from forged metals and beads. Of course, you will always be delighted with postcards, key chains, magnets and T-shirts with local imagery.

Things to Do in the Aland Islands

Relatively small, the Aland Islands have over 6500 islands and skerries in the Gulf of Bothnia. The main island, where most of the population and touristic opportunities are located, is called Fasta Aland. Visitors to the island report enjoying the cozy feel of the villages and towns, and how they feel so much closer to the sea. There are several places that are must visits on your trip here, for their characteristic appearance and historical importance. Mariehamn, the capital city named, is a shipping town full of boats and memories. You can enjoy the sailing museums, take a cup of coffee on the streets or enjoy shopping in the charming shops. Kastleholm boasts a 16th century castle open to visitors, and 2 golf courses for the sporting enthusiast. Moving from the main island, enjoy the small medieval villages that bring history back to life, such as in Kokar. The ruins of an abbey are both thought provoking and romantic.

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