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African Souvenirs

Another huge  continent which has exercised a timeless allure for travelers and explorers of all eras, Africa features some of the most dramatic wildlife and tropical landscapes in the world. Whether you are interested in the bazaars of Morocco and Tripoli along the fringes of the mighty Sahara Desert, or the plains of the Serengeti where lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and water buffalo dwell, there are abundant African souvenirs to bespeak the many moods of this vast landmass.

Human art in Africa has adopted many idiosyncratic, highly recognizable forms, and a carved mask or ceremonial statue lends itself well to fridge magnets, keychains, and plates. African wildlife - one of the few megafauna habitats left on Earth - is another good subject for the world traveler with an eye to Nature, or Ernest Hemingway-style hunting expeditions. Both the naturalist and the sportsman will enjoy souvenirs bearing the images of elephants, rhinoceroses, and lions.

Ancient Egyptian Themes - Very Popular African Souvenirs

Some of the world's most famous monuments are located in Africa - the pyramids of Egypt, which are the tombs of ancient Pharaohs, the colossal human-headed lion statue known as the Sphinx, and so on. These make excellent themes for African souvenirs. A sphinx keychain is sure to turn your thoughts to the banks of the Nile and the ancient kingdoms that once flourished there.

A pyramid fridge magnet is perhaps one of the most powerful symbols of adventurous tourism - after all, the first recorded tourism in history consisted of first Egyptians, and then Greeks and Romans, traveling to see the pyramids at Giza and the Great Sphinx!

Hieroglyphs, scarabs, animal-headed gods, and the like are all instantly recognizable motifs from this distinctive North African culture of long ago. Displaying them in your home or on your t-shirt is a sure way to mark yourself as a sophisticated world traveler, who has followed in the footsteps of some of the most adventurous viewers of foreign marvels from antiquity to the present day. We are ready to supply all your African souvenir needs - browse our store to see what we have available!

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