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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. New Mexico. Bandelier National Monument. Collage

Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. New Mexico. Bandelier National Monument. Collage
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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. New Mexico. Bandelier National Monument. Collage
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  • Dimensions: 1.00mm x 180.00mm x 105.00mm
  • SKU: 00005392

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The author of the photo: Graeme Churchard. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).


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A Glimpse of the Past

If you would like something to commemorate your last trip to Bandelier National Monument, you can't go wrong with this collage of the well known tourist site. For this reason, this souvenir from United States features a number of recognizable pictures that are sure to bring fond memories to mind. It is also sure to give those who haven't visited New Mexican attractions a nice glimpse of what they're missing. For instance, by checking out the different scenes presented one gets a sense for the type of desert aesthetics and atmospheres that may very well be in store for them.

The calm earth tones found throughout this magnet is also sure to appeal to those who are looking for something nice to adorn their kitchen. It can bring some of the nice aspects of the natural world to the inside of your home, encouraging to make the most out of your days and explore the world you inhabit.

The Monument in Focus

Here, the visitor has the chance to know the residences of the Pueblo people who lived in this location since the Twelfth century. As it was the case with other Pueblos, its residents abandoned the villages in the Sixteenth century. They were looking for water resources which they found by the Rio Grande.

Frijoles Canyon is the richest area of the monument as it comprises not only houses but also kivas, which are ritual sites, and paintings. Quite interestingly, the villagers carved some of their homes into the rock which served as walls. Other sites worth visiting include Tyuoyi, Long Hose, and Talus House. These constructions date from the Thirteenth and Fourteenth centuries and archeologists found traces of habitation until the Sevententh century when they were abandoned in a fashion similar to other Pueblos in the same area.This is a great travel souvenir to take back home.

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