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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Arizona. The Road to Monument Valley

Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Arizona. The Road to Monument Valley
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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Arizona. The Road to Monument Valley
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  • Dimensions: 1.00mm x 180.00mm x 105.00mm
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The author of the photo: Frank Kovalchek. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).


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The Iconic Sight Of The Road To Monument Valley In Arizona Featured On A Colourful Vinyl Fridge Magnet

There is only one road from which to access Monument Valley, the US 163, which featured in the movie 'Forest Gump' and also features on this attractive vinyl fridge magnet from the catalogues of World Wide Gifts. The area itself is a familiar sight on the big screen, having featured in many John Ford westerns. The Monument is not a State or National Park; it is a Navajo Tribal Park where the Navajo people have lived for several generations. Navajo tour guides are available at the sight to relate the history of the Monument, and the Navajo, to visitors. Certain parts of the Monument are only accessible as part of one of these tours. Whatever its story the size and splendour of the Monument and its Valley are obvious to anyone and both are captured perfectly on our lovely vinyl fridge magnet.

The Colours And Climates Of Monument Valley

As can be seen on our colourful fridge magnet, the area of Monument Valley is home to a myriad of hues. Siltstone, and the sand from it, makes up the majority of the area of the Valley floor. Iron oxide contained within the siltstone has been exposed resulting in the noticeable red hue that pervades. Whereas the grey blue rocks, which provide a darker contrast, get their colour from manganese oxide. The Valley has a desert climate which means it has hot summers and cold winters. The temperature does not reach excessive extremes though, rarely exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit at its height, or going below zero Fahrenheit at its lowest.

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