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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Alaska. Eklutna Lake

Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Alaska. Eklutna Lake
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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Alaska. Eklutna Lake
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  • Weight: 50.00g
  • Dimensions: 1.00mm x 180.00mm x 105.00mm
  • SKU: 00005079

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The author of the photo: Frank Kovalchek. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).


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The Interminable Beauty of Eklutna Lake

The Eklutna Lake Valley is a scenically beautiful camping area that is nestled amidst the panoramic Chugach Mountains. The valley draws people from all across the country who come in droves to enjoy its lush environs. Eklutna Lake offers a whole host of recreational activities all year round. In summer, horseback riding, boating, hiking, biking and rock climbing are the preferred activities by visitors. During the winter months when the valley is encapsulated in snow, avid skiers flock here to participate in various snow based sporting competitions. Snowmobiling and dog mushing are also popular among visitors in the fall. Eklutna Valley is also a great place to enjoy outdoor camping. There are a total of fifty campsites that are fully equipped with running water, picnic tables, fire pits and toilets to cater to the logistic needs of campers. For wildlife aficionados, there is a designated viewing area located near the trailhead parking lot. It is equipped with telescopes and interpretive displays so that visitors can get a birds eye view of the majestic beasts that reside in the area. The valley is also a great place to picnic with friends and family. However one must make prior reservations with the Public Information Center to book the picnic/camping area. This vinyl fridge magnet depicts a captivating image of the Eklutna Lake as it snakes its way through the valley and serves as the perfect holiday memento to remind you of a blissful time spent in the valley.

Eklutna Lake's Animal Diversity

Eklutna Lake offers wildlife enthusiasts with a vantage point to view its rich animal diversity. Muskrats, moose and waterfowl can be seen in the surrounding woods abutting the lakeshore. As one treads further into the wilderness, wolves, black and grizzly bears and mountain goats can be spotted in their natural habitat. On the slopes of the steep hillsides, Dall sheep can be seen sauntering gracefully across the craggy rocks. Smaller animals including porcupine, lynx, ground squirrel, fox and hare also inhabit the region.

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