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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Alaska. Western Chugach Mountains

Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Alaska. Western Chugach Mountains
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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): United States. Alaska. Western Chugach Mountains
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  • Dimensions: 1.00mm x 180.00mm x 105.00mm
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The author of the photo: Frank Kovalchek. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).


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The Majestic Chugach Mountain Range

The mighty Chugach Mountains are located in the southernmost tip of Alaska. The range spans a total area of 402 km and stretches from the Cook Inlet of the west to the Tana River on the east. Mount Marcus Baker is the highest peak in the region and stands at an altitude of 12,884 feet above sea level. As a result of its position, the Chugach Mountains and the surrounding terrain receive the highest amount of snowfall in North America. Each year, the region is blanketed with approximately 600 inches of crunching snow. Instead of an impediment, the snow is seen by adrenaline junkies as a blessing and skiers and extreme sports enthusiasts come from all over the world to take part in snow based sporting events such as skiing, snowboarding and skating. This beautiful vinyl fridge magnet displays a captivating aerial view of the Western Chugach Mountains and makes for an excellent holiday souvenir that will stir up nostalgic memories of your visit to Alaska in years to come.

More about Chugach Mountain

The Chugach Mountains are geographically divided into Eastern, Central and Western regions. Out of the three, the Western Chugach is the most accessible, developed and inhabited region. Tourists visit here often and engage in various leisure activities including rock climbing, hunting, gold panning and fishing for salmon. The Western Chugach Mountains are further split up into several other regions. These include Eklutna Lake, Turnigam Arm, Lake George, Eagle River, Ptarmigan valley, Girdwood, Hillside and Twenty mile. Bashful Peak, which stands at an altitude of 8005 feet above sea level is the highest peak in the region and is followed closely by Baleful Peak, which stands at an altitude of 7990 meters above sea level.

How to Reach Chugach Mountain

There are numerous trails that lead to the Western Chugach Mountains, which is also the most accessible face of the mountain range. Experienced guides and trekking parties are readily available for visitors keen on witnessing and exploring the spectacular mountains. Additionally, detailed maps of the area can be purchased from the USGS office, located on the premises of the Alaska Pacific University.

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