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Souvenir Plate: France. Nice (Diameter 20 cm)

Souvenir Plate: France. Nice (Diameter 20 cm)
Souvenir Plate: France. Nice (Diameter 20 cm)
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Souvenir Plate: France. Nice (Diameter 20 cm)
Souvenir Plate: France. Nice (Diameter 20 cm)
Souvenir Plate: France. Nice (Diameter 20 cm)
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  • Weight: 300.00g
  • Dimensions: 20.00mm x 200.00mm x 200.00mm
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Souvenir Plate representing the magical city of Nice, France

Many of us buy souvenirs to cherish the experience and save the wonderful memories of our holidays. What can be a better souvenir than a souvenir plate depicting the beautiful and magnificent city of Nice, France. This souvenir captures the beauty of the city, highlighting its uninterrupted magnificent coastline and the famous hotel Negresco. France as a tourist destination is very diverse, yet you cannot miss what this enchanting city of Nice has to offer you. In order to keep the memories of this city, this souvenir plate depicting the city landscape is a perfect memento for you.

Historical significance of the city of Nice

The present day city of Nice has a long history that dates back to 350 BC, it was initially founded by the Greeks and they named it Nikaia. In the year 1861, Nice became the part of France and its military strength also grew with time. The city has a rich history, which is shaped by English influence that is evident in its architecture. In the 20th century, the city of Nice was the most popular tourist destination and they referred to it as a winter retreat. Nevertheless, the city still receives many visitors each year.

Main attractions of Nice, France

Nice is one of the most popular cities among tourists who visit France as it offers a blend of rich history and cultural attractions. If you are lucky to visit the city in the month of February, you should not miss the carnival that takes place in the city that features parades of floats with people dressed in vibrant costumes and fireworks. Many tourists also love the city because it offers high end shopping places and entertainment and is known for its lively nightlife.

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