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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Dancing Couple (Mini)

Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Dancing Couple (Mini)
Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Dancing Couple (Mini)
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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Dancing Couple (Mini)
Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Dancing Couple (Mini)
Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Dancing Couple (Mini)
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  • Weight: 60.00g
  • Dimensions: 10.00mm x 30.00mm x 40.00mm
  • SKU: 00004996

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Flamenco, Tango, Saranada... Dancing is a Past-Time in Spanish Culture

Worldwide Gifts brings this cute and colorful dancing couple to you on a collectible refrigerator magnet to provide a welcome reminder of a fun and enjoyable Spanish holiday; because you know that if you were in Spain you were either dancing, or watching a dance performance. Dancing is such an integral part of the culture here that this adorable image of two young dancers makes the perfect souvenir from Spain.

From the Andalusian region in southern Spain comes the passionate and expressive flamenco. You can see professional flamenco performances all over the country today in tablaos (dinner theater) and dance clubs everywhere. For instance, the Tablao de Carmen in Barcelona is one famous dinner theater flamenco performance, where visitors enjoy a four-course gourmet Spanish meal and a fantastic flamenco show.

More Dancing in Spain- Day and Night

Although the flamenco is the most internationally famous Spanish style of dance, the Saranada is actually danced more often in Spain. It is a group dance that is of peasant origin and is seen at nearly every kind of festival in the country, and there are a lot of festivals in Spain. The saranada is a circle dance where everyone holds hands and performs a series of complex steps in a circle that continues to grow as more people join in throughout the song.

Although dancing in the streets is common during the daylight hours of any festival in Spain, it is when the sun goes down that the locals begin to really kick up their heels. The nightlife of many popular vacation destination cities in Spain is world renowned for its excitement and party atmosphere that carries on throughout the evening hours. In fact, Barcelona and Madrid are both known as two of the world's "Party Capitols", so when in Spain, put on your dancing shoes.

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