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Souvenir Plate: Spain. Madrid (Diameter 17 cm, Type 2)

Souvenir Plate: Spain. Madrid (Diameter 17 cm, Type 2)
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Souvenir Plate: Spain. Madrid (Diameter 17 cm, Type 2)
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  • Weight: 300.00g
  • Dimensions: 20.00mm x 170.00mm x 170.00mm
  • SKU: 00004976

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Souvenir of Spain: Madrid Exhibited on Plate

Madrid is both, the largest as well as the capital city of Spain. It is also one of the biggest tourist destinations of the country and is famous for its exquisite landscapes, views and attractions. You will find several interesting souvenirs of the city displaying monuments and highlights of Madrid; nevertheless, you will be attracted towards this lovely plate, as it is an appropriate keepsake of the city as well as the country. It beautifully displays some of the biggest attractions of Madrid such as Alcala Gate, the statue of the bear and Madrono located in Puerta Del Sol Square, Royal Place and Almudena Cathedral. Also, its vivid colors make it both, a good souvenir as well as a nice gift.

More about Madrid

Madrid has a total population of approximately 6.5 million; and it ranks third amongst the largest cities of the European Union (EU); the first two being London and Berlin. The city is spread on an area of 233.3 sq miles and it has the third biggest metropolitan area in the entire European Union. Madrid is situated on the Manzanares River and is in the middle of both, the Community of Madrid and Spain. It serves as the hub of all economic, cultural, administrative and political activities that take place in the country; and its urban area produces the 3rd highest GDP in the EU. It is also regarded as the most important financial center of the Southern Europe as well as a significant global city across the globe.

Best Time to Visit Madrid

Madrid has a Mediterranean climate; its winters are quite cool and summers are pretty warm and sweltering. The temperature during July and August generally reaches above 30 C and it can become difficult for you to roam around the city. Also, the city is bursting with tourists during the summer season and can be quite crowded. Spring and autumn seasons are mild and pleasant; also there is less crowd during these seasons; hence making it the best time for you to visit Madrid.

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