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Souvenir Plate: Spain. Toledo View (Diameter 17 cm)

Souvenir Plate: Spain. Toledo View (Diameter 17 cm)
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Souvenir Plate: Spain. Toledo View (Diameter 17 cm)
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  • Weight: 300.00g
  • Dimensions: 20.00mm x 170.00mm x 170.00mm
  • SKU: 00004970

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Memorable Picture of Toledo Shown on Worldwide Gifts Souvenir Plate

This collectible travel souvenir from Spain depicts an overview of the ancient city of Toledo, including the famous fortress of Alcazar and its four towers, and the magnificent Cathedral of Toledo, as well as the entire cityscape along the River Tagus. Toledo has been in existence as a city of Spain since the Bronze Age and is one of the oldest and most important cities in the country. Today it is still an important city in Spain, especially as a leading religious center for the country as home of the Cathedral of Toledo, one of the most important churches in Europe.

Many visitors come to Toledo to visit the church and the Alcazar and to enjoy the historical ambience of this beautiful Spanish city. In addition to these two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there are many other interesting and ancient historical landmarks in Toledo.

Must- See Historical Attractions in Toledo

The Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes is nearly as important to Toledo as the Cathedral of Toledo, and draws almost as many visitors does the Cathedral. It is built in the form of a Latin Cross and was dedicated by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to honor their son's birth. The New Gate of the Bisagra at the castle of Alfonso VI is another popular monument for visitors to photograph and tour during a holiday in Toledo.

Toledo is also famous for steel, and has been known since the Middle Ages for its metal craftsmanship in the creation of outstanding swords and knives. Some of the most highly desirable collectible swords in the world were those crafted by Toledo sword smiths. The craft is still practiced in Toledo and their famous swords are still being crafted in modern times.

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