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Keychain: Canada. Coat of Arms and Flag of Saskatchewan

Keychain: Canada. Coat of Arms and Flag of Saskatchewan
Keychain: Canada. Coat of Arms and Flag of Saskatchewan
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Saskatchewan - Memorable Vistas await you

Set on the western part of Canada, Saskatchewan is infused with over 100,000 bogs, outcroppings, bogs, rivers, and its name is derived from the Cree word "kisiskatchewanisipi, meaning "swift flowing river". Also known as the sunshine capital of Canada, the town of Estevan receives 2450 glorious hours of sunshine per year, making Saskatchewan a tourist hotspot all year round. Whatever your sense of adventure maybe, relaxation, rural, exploring the wilderness, urban excitement, Saskatchewan has it all. Imagine tall trees, pristine lakes, abundant wildlife, that's Saskatchewan in brief. That's not all; there are also 35 provincial and two natural parks that account for more than five million acres of parkland/two million hectares. Saskatchewan has a number of places named after body parts such as Arm River, Knee Lake, Skull Creek, Head Lake and Bone Creek. Dubbed the chicken capital of Canada, Wynyard exports the highest number of birds per capita, and hosts the chicken chariot race each year.

The Coat of Arms of Saskatchewan

The Coat of Arms was granted initially by the Governor General of Canada in 1986, and exemplifies the provincial colors of gold and green. On the gold chief is a red leopard or lion passant, and the bottom features three gold garbs of wheat on a green backdrop, which depicts the agriculture of the province. Atop the shield is the Royal Helmet that faces left, and is topped by a red and white mantle and wreath. A beaver (national symbol of Canada) rests on the wreath holding a Western Red Lily (which is the official flower of the province). Supporting the shield on the left is a white tailed deer and the right hosts a golden Royal Lion, both sporting collars of Prairie Indian beadwork. Pamper yourself or your near and dear with this unique souvenir keychain, which exemplifies all the vivid detail of Saskatchewan and Coat of Arms.

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