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Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Wyoming

Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Wyoming
Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Wyoming
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State of Wyoming Keyring

The state of Wyoming led the country in coal production back in 1994 with three million tons a week. Near White is Black Thunder which is the largest coal mine in the United States. The first coal mine was back in 1867 in Carbon. Also in Wolf you can visit the first Dude ranch; Eaton Ranch where the term "dude" came from. Wyoming is the tenth largest state in the U.S. even though it has the lowest population of all the states.

One of Wyoming's nicknames was the Suffrage State after it became the first state to grant women the right to vote. Then it became the Equality State. License plates in the state of Wyoming show a man on a bucking bronco which also leads people to refer to it as the Cowboy state. The bronco is named "old Steamboat."

The town of Kemmerer is the birthplace of retail giant J.C. Penney and Cody is the birthplace of renowned painter Jackson Pollock. The town of Cody's namesake is William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. To commemorate these facts about the state of Wyoming you can purchase a key ring that depicts the state's symbols at an online souvenir store along with other memorabilia.

Wyoming's State Symbols as Souvenirs

The state seal of Wyoming has a woman standing in the center before a banner which reads "Equal Rights"; this bears the state's distinction as being the first in the Nation to advocate equality among men and women before the turn of the century. The woman is framed by two pillars which each have scrolls that proclaim the state of Wyoming's Economic strengths: grain, livestock, oil, and mines. On each pillar is a burning lamp that is a symbol of the Light of Knowledge. A striped shield and star with an Eagle on top sits in the foreground. This demonstrates dedication to the Union. The dates 1869 and 1890 are on either side of the shield. The first is when Wyoming became a territory and the second is when they became a state. Two figures standing next to the pillars represent the mining and livestock industries.

On the state flag is a design of a bison with the state seal branded onto it. This is all emblazoned onto a blue field that is bordered with white and red. The great seal and state flag are featured on either side of an acrylic key chain at our Internet store

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