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Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Washington

Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Washington
Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Washington
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Key Chains From The State of Washington

Now you can buy a key ring from the State of Washington, which was named after our great nation's first president, George Washington. Washington State is home of the late Jimi Hendrix, and Harvard flunky and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. If you spend too much money at the nation's largest revolving restaurant in the sky known as the Space Needle, which is located in Seattle along with much of the state's industry, you can borrow a few bucks from Mr. Gates.

The rest of the State, outside of Seattle, is mostly rain forests and mountain ranges. A lot of famous happenings took place in Seattle. In addition to being the birthplace of Starbuck's, it is also where the Grunge Era got its start back in the 1990's (for all you alternative rock fans). The best thing about Seattle is it's the only city where the weathermen are always right since it rains throughout much of the year.

Keychain with the Great Seal of Washington State and the State Flag

On one side of the key chain of Washington State, we have the Great Seal, which simply features a light blue circle with the Father of our nation, George Washington, in the center. Embedded in a yellow outer ring is inscribed the words-"The Seal of the State of Washington 1889." A jeweler named Charles Talcott was asked to engrave a design of the port of Tacoma, Mt. Rainier, as well as fields and livestock. Talcott went against this and sketched a design off of a postage stamp featuring the first president. The postage stamp wound up being too poorly detailed so the jeweler sketched George's image off of a crate of cough medicine. Present day the Great Seal of the State of Washington is from a portrait painted by Gilbert Stuart.

The official flag of the State, featured on the other side of the key ring of Washington State, wasn't adopted until May 5, 1923 and portrays the Great Seal of the State on a dark green silk background.

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