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Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Oklahoma

Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Oklahoma
Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of Oklahoma
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Keyring of Oklahoma State

The world record goes to Okmulgee, Oklahoma for the largest pecan pie, pecan brownie, pecan cookie, as well as the biggest ice cream cookie party. Every June thousands flock to this town for the annual Pecan festival. If you come out in April you can attend the World Championship Cow Chip Throw in the town of Beaver. There are also 20,000 lighters and other fire starters at the National Lighter Museum in Guhrie.

Inventions from out of Oklahoma include the first shopping cart and the yield sign, the first electric guitar in 1935 by musician Bob Dunn, WKY which was the first radio station broadcasting west of the Mississippi. Celebrities include country singers Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Woody Guthrie, Film Director Ron Howard (whose first role was in Oklahoma, actor Tony Randall, baseball's great Mickey Mantle, humorist Will Rogers, actor Brad Pitt, and broadcaster Paul Harvey. The state was also featured as the setting for the movie "Twister" in 1996.

The Deer capital of the world is in Antlers which is the gateway to Southeast Oklahoma. Antlers is a deer capital? There are also more man-made lakes here than any other state with over a million surface acres of water and more Indian tribes here than other state with 55 tribes. This would explain where the name of the state came from; two Choctaw words "ukla" and "huma." Oklahoma literally means "red person." There are at least 50 languages spoken in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is only the second state whose capital city is named after it. Oklahoma City also has an operating oil well on the grounds of its capital. It's called Capital Site No. 1. The capital city is also home to the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

To commemorate all these fun facts you'll want to purchase a key ring made of acrylic along with other memorabilia at online souvenir store World-Wide-Gifts.

Oklahoma State Symbols as Souvenirs

The great seal of the state of Oklahoma pays tribute to its Indian heritage and its hope for the future. The center of the seal is taken up by one large star and is surrounded by 45 smaller stars representing the rest of the Nation. The five points on the star symbolize the five civilized Indian nations. The top point represents the Chickasaw and features a warrior with a shield and a bow. The Choctaw Nation lies in the upper right and displays a bow, three arrows, and a tomahawk. The lower right shows a hunter and a canoe and honors the Seminole Nation. The Creek Nation is the lower left and holds a plow and a sheaf of wheat. Of course that leaves the Cherokee Nation in the upper left with a seven pointed star that is surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves. In the center of the main star is a Native American shaking hands with a paleface which symbolizes the merging of the two cultures. Encircling this image is an olive branch which represents the hope for peace. Lastly, the state's motto "Labor Omina Vincit" meaning "Labor Conquers All."

The state flag of Oklahoma has a battle shield of an Osage Warrior in the center that is made of buffalo hide with eagle feathers decorating it. The calumet, or peace pipe, and an olive branch like across the shield as a symbol of peace. The crosses on the shield represent high ideals and are the Native American sign for stars. All of this is emblazoned on a blue field that comes from a flag carried by Choctaw soldiers during the Civil War. The symbols of the great seal and state flag are also portrayed on a state key chain for Oklahoma at our Internet store

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