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Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of North Carolina

Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of North Carolina
Keychain: United States. Seal and Flag of North Carolina
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State of North Carolina Key Chain

- The Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk commemorates the Wright Brothers achievement of the first successful powered flight in 1903.
- You can go to Transylvania County and see Whitewater Falls; the Nation's highest waterfall on the eastern seaboard.
- The legendary Babe Ruth slammed his first homer near Fayetteville on March 7, 1914. The first miniature golf course was also built in Fayetteville.
- Milk was adopted as the official state beverage in 1987. Pepsi was also first served in New Bern back in 1898.
- Krispy Kreme Donuts got its start in the town of Winston-Salem.

Famous people from North Carolina include; Andy Griffith, Roberta Flack, David Brinkley, Billy Graham, and Randy Travis. To commemorate all these fun facts be sure and pick up a key ring from the internet souvenir shop that features the great seal and state flag of North Carolina.

North Carolina Great Seal and State Flag

The design of the seal of North Carolina features symbolic figures Liberty and Plenty. Liberty stands on the left with her pole and cap perched atop in her left hand and in her right hand she holds a scroll with the word "Constitution" on it. Plenty sits on the right with her right hand half-extended toward Liberty. In her right hand is three heads of grain. The small end of her horn is in her left with the mouth at her feet spilling its contents out. Mountains run from left to right in the background on the seal and a ship with three masts is behind Plenty. Across the top is the date May 20, 1775 and across the bottom is the state's motto "esse quam videri"; this means "to be rather than to seem."

The state's original flag had a red, white, and blue bar. The blue and white run left to right horizontally and represent the sky while the red one runs horizontally up the left hand site and has a five-pointed star in the middle with the date May 20, 1775 on top and May 20, 1861 on bottom. The latter is the date North Carolina seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America. After the Civil War the blue and red fields were reversed and the current flag has an N and a C on either side of the star. The new date on a scroll beneath the star reads April 12, 1776. The flag and great seal design are featured on dual sides of the keyring at the internet store along with other memorabilia.

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