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Resin Fridge Magnet: India. Kushinagar. The Parinirvana Temple with the Parinirvana Stupa

Resin Fridge Magnet: India. Kushinagar. The Parinirvana Temple with the Parinirvana Stupa
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Resin Fridge Magnet: India. Kushinagar. The Parinirvana Temple with the Parinirvana Stupa
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Parinirvana Stupa and Parinirvana Temple Resin Fridge Magnet

This colorful fridge magnet depicts the Parinirvana Stupa and Parinirvana Temple in the Khushinagar region of Uttar Pradesh, India. The presence of the temple on the magnet lends an air of serenity and spirituality, which is further expounded by the fact that you can even see small figures of women clad in bright clothes near the temple entrance. While the origins of the region of Khushinagar can be traced back to pre-Buddha times, it is often said that Buddha himself attained salvation or Mahaparnirvana here. The Parinirvana Stupa itself was built for Lord Buddha and the rediscovered Brahmi inscriptions on the walls of the Stupa indicate that the Buddha was laid to rest here, which makes this temple and surrounding Stupas a site of great significance for the followers of Buddhism. In fact, thousands of religious pilgrims have been visiting Khushinagar from medieval India to pay homage to Lord Buddha and for spiritual cleansing.

Rediscovery of Parinirvana Stupa and Parinirvana Temple

Around 1854, the remains of Parinirvana Stupa and Parinirvana Temple were rediscovered and found to be surrounded by a dense forest and 40 foot high mound of bricks. Carlleyle undertook major excavations from 1904 to 1907 and many Buddhist materials were found. These included a copper vessel of considerable significance. Considered an ancient Buddhist relic, these temples and Stupas are carefully preserved; hence, attracting the attention of pilgrims and Buddhist followers from all over the world.

There is also the Nirvana Temple nearby with a 6-meter tall statue of Lord Buddha himself in a reclined position. According to an inscription on the Temple wall, it is revealed that it was constructed during the 5th century and was rediscovered during the excavations of 1876. The Nirvana Stupa is also at this location with a height of 2.7 meters. A copper vessel is the object of attraction at this spot because it is said that it might contain the remains of Buddha.

Other Attractions near Parinirvana Temple

If you look into the history of Khushinagar and Parinirvana Temple as depicted on the fridge magnet, you will find that this place is of great fascination from an archeological perspective as well.

Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian, South Korean, Burmese, Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist temples that were constructed later on, accompany many monasteries and stupas today. This has added to the significance of the Mahaparinirvana Stupa or Nirvana Temple where Buddha passed away or achieved Nirvana.

There are many other shrines in Khushinagar as well including the famous Mathakaut Temple, which is just 300 meters away Parinirvana Stupa. It is attractive because of a black stone image of Buddha found in a kneeling position during the great excavations.

Advice for Tourists

Because the location of this attractive fridge magnet has a lot of religious significance, tourists should keep some things in mind when visiting. First, these temples and stupas require a level of respect and reverence that must be preserved at all times. Secondly, it is disrespectful to enter many of these temples with your shoes on so make sure you leave them out before you enter. Many tourists are spiritually inspired after visiting the Mahaparinirvana temple and look for souvenirs to take home with them. This is why Internet store is the perfect place to purchase this resin fridge magnet.

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