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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): Chile. Easter Island. Ahu Tongariki View

Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): Chile. Easter Island. Ahu Tongariki View
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Vinyl Fridge Magnet (18 x 10 cm): Chile. Easter Island. Ahu Tongariki View
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  • Dimensions: 1.00mm x 180.00mm x 105.00mm
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Home to a Special Moai

The thing that makes this picture pop is the all too blue background that the open sky offers behind the impressive figures. It is just a beautiful play with contrasting colors and can be described as refreshing. It invites the viewer to take a closer look and admire the handwork of these large stone people.

This souvenir from Chile depicts a ceremonial site, called Ahu Tongariki. By the way the statues are aligned, it seems not to differ from others spread across the island. But, it features the heaviest Moai, which weighs 86 tons, this statue has been thoroughly researched by American archeologist William Mulloy. His goal was to find away to preserve this statue which the wind has eroded extensively.

The rest of the Moai fall in the average size and weight common to all standing on the island.

New Findings Reveal more Details

Eastern Islands and the Moai have been researched for years as many questions remain unclear. In the process, researchers have come across some interesting details. One of the most striking findings was when upon examining the eye sockets, archeologists concluded that they held eyes made from coral. One important clue was that small pieces of white coral were found at the working sites. As not all Moai's eyes were designed that way, the scientists believe that their differentiated detailing responded to the political and social differences between the Rapa Nui people. It is known that they were organized in clans and each had its own set of artisans who carved the figures. Each Moai corresponded to the ancestors of each clan. All was kept in the family, as you might want this travel souvenir to remain.

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