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Metal Fridge Magnet: Finland. Deer

Metal Fridge Magnet: Finland. Deer
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Metal Fridge Magnet: Finland. Deer
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Deer Shaped Magnet Depicting the Finnish Deer

The Finnish deer is not native to the country and has been introduced to Finland and some other European countries like Serbia and Czech Republic. The deer is known as the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus Virginianus) and is a woodland species. If you have visited Finland and you want to keep a small memento of the Finnish deer with you, you can put this Metal Fridge Magnet on your fridge and enjoy seeing it every time you open your fridge.

White Tail Deer Stalking In Finland

Deer hunting is a very common form of entertainment in Finland and more than 4500 associations are involved in this business. There are many areas in the country where deer hunting is allowed in groups with a particular price that is charged for each hunter per day. The hunters are gathered at the resort before the day of the hunt and prepared on how to hunt and what sort of animals they are allowed to hunt. The hunters require Finnish hunting licenses and local hunting permits before they can hunt deer. Usually hunting of Finnish deer is allowed during the months of October, November and December. The hunting industry provides a good source of revenue to the Finnish government as it is able to create a lot of foreign exchange as many tourists around the world gather in Finland for the hunting season.

Finnish Deer Legends

Deer are considered the national pride of Finland. If you visit the Northern areas of Finland, you will get to hear many legends about this animal. The most popular legend is about a white deer known as Vaadine. The legend revolves around a girl transforming into a fuming deer by an ugly troll. Many hunters tried to kill the deer for its white skin but were unsuccessful until one day when one of the hunters was victorious in wounding the deer fatally. The deer after the fatal wounds transformed back into the girl because of the blood loss and was married to the hunter for a happily ever after.

Local legends also talk about Deer Monsters that are ferocious and intelligent creatures. According to legend, these strange animals are very difficult to kill and are even worse than poachers. Locals believe the left horn of these deer is sacred and much more powerful than modern medicine in curing illness and in prolonging life and youthfulness. While the right horn when burned can drive away evil spirits and animals like snakes.

Archipelago National Park

The Archipelago National park in Finland is in the Baltic Sea that was created by the Ice Age. The park has forested islands and rugged rocky land, which are separated from each other by an open sea. The national park has many beautiful features and shows the scenic and natural beauty of Finland. The park is quite unusual in comparison to the other normal parks and to move around the park you need special boats.

People who have their own boats can roam around the park using the trail maps provided at the park shops. The part is certified by UNESCO in the year 1994 and is a biosphere reserve. A person who explores the park will be able to see amazing things ranging from fishes and seals swimming in the water around the parks island, they will also be able to see deer roaming around the forest area of the parks. You can also keep them in your memories forever by purchasing this metal fridge magnet from Internet Store.

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